2023 Best Guide of Gooseneck Container Chassis?

What is the gooseneck container chassis?

The Gooseneck container chassis consists of the frame assembly, suspension system, braking system, electrical system, travel mechanism, etc.

The frame includes a gooseneck section, and one end of the gooseneck section connects with the mounting area, and the other end connects with the carrying section.

When container chassis is placed flat on the ground, the carrying section is less than or equal to 1,100mm from the floor. The carrying section equips with two pulling-through crossbeam assemblies, and the distance between these two assemblies is 11,989mm. And each pulling-through crossbeam assembly sets two locking devices, and the width distance between them is 2,260mm.

ISO tank transport chassis is generally applied to transport ISO containers in port, shipyard, routes, bridges, tunnels, transfer stations, supporting multimodal transport logistics system. 20ft long fit 4 to 14 sets container locks suitable for 10′, 20′ dry container, tank container, reefer container, etc.
Rf container chassis is used for transporting refrigerated containers, generally 40ft and 45ft.


40ft gooseneck skeletal trailer
40ft gooseneck skeletal trailer
40ft gooseneck skeletal trailer
40ft gooseneck container chassis
gooseneck skeletal trailer
gooseneck container chassis


Dimension: 7500/12500/13950*2500*1550mm

Height of container chassisr: 1550mm

Width: 2500mm

Weight: 5600Kg

Main Beam: “I” Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material

Twist Lock: 4/8/12/14 set ISO Standard

Suspension: Mechanical / Air / Bogie

Axle: 2/3/4 axles BPW/FUWA/PDME etc

Tire: 8/12/16 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong etc

Brake Valve: WABCO

Brake Chamber: 4/6/8 sets T30/30

Brake Pipe: Nylon Wire Pipe

Landing Gear: 28T Lifting JOST/YAHUA

Kingpin: 2″(50mm)/3.5″(90mm) JOST Bolting Type

Lights: 12v/24v LED Waterproof

Color: Customized




Gooseneck container chassis trailers are mainly used for transporting 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft containers and ISO tanks, Reefer containers, high containers, which are of great help for countries with limited height regulations.

It is mainly used for ships and logistics systems with multimodal transportation to support ports, routes, roads, transfer stations, bridges, and tunnels.


Realize the diversity of gooseneck container chassis transportation;

Reduce the height of the whole semi-trailer transportation to increase the safety performance of the transportation process;

Incorporate the integration of international advanced design concepts to improve the transportation capacity;

Reasonable structure, large load capacity, and lightweight;

Reduce wind resistance coefficient, and save fuel consumption;

Adopt brand-name paint, which is bright, durable, and corrosion-resistant.


PANDA Mech insists on lightweight research for the products, and the weight of products is reduced from above 6t to 5t below.

The main beam structure with variable cross-section design is structurally reasonable, with lightweight and large design load-bearing capacity.

Integral beam structure, with better load-bearing capacity and higher strength.

The integral gooseneck structure is different from the segmented structure of many manufacturers. Although some materials are wasted, and the production is more tedious, the overall strength of the trailer is better and not easily deformed.

The combination of steel and aluminum brings lower prices. The trailer effectively combines aluminum alloy material and high-strength steel material. All materials are produced by well-known manufacturers, with guaranteed quality.

Light overall weight, obvious price advantage, and convenient maintenance service.


1. The surface is waxed and glazed. The acidic components of rain are very corrosive to the paint.

2. The chassis is rust-proof. In addition to paint spraying, we must pay attention to the chassis cleaning and rust prevention treatment since the chassis is close to the ground, which is easy to corrode.

3. Trailer disinfection. Clean the interior during the rainy season to avoid the harm of various bacteria on the human body.

4. Timely inspection of the circuit. Gooseneck container chassis should often check the electrical system during the rainy season to avoid leakage failure.

5. Regular heating. Turn on the heater to avoid mildew. When there is sunshine, stop under the sun for exposure to the sunlight, and open the windows for air convection.


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