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3 Axle Timber Semi-Trailer

Timber trailer is mainly used in forest log transport, long tube transport, etc., to adapt to long-distance road transport and bad road transport. adaptable, trailer design is reasonable, load capacity and other advantages, by the wood producers of ages.

Panda Mech build timber semi-trailers from 10 to 60 tons payload. Whether flexible cargo area, sliding axles, drive.

solutions:different brake systems that also can be combined together or safety features. 

The vehicles can be used in forestry, long-distance haulage, and off-road applications, whereby they are equally suitable for long timber as well as for short timber and lumber.


Timber semi trailer images

timber semi trailer

timber trailer


Timber semi trailer specification

Timber semi trailer dimension 12,500*2,500*3,900 mm
Timber semi trailer capacity 60 tons
Axles 3 * 20 tons axles
Tire 11.00R20 radial tires
Timber semi trailer suspension mechanical suspension
Landing gear JOST C200
Kingpin 2 inch or 3.5 inch
Brake system WABCO or Haldex system 
Electric  12V or 24V
Plug  number: 12pcs , height:1,000mm
Mudguard anti- spray type
Bumper Heavy-duty push bumper
Painting blasted, primed and painted with Enamel


3 Axle timber semi-trailer for sale

Panda Mech is a timber semi trailer manufacturer from China. We supply timber semi-trailers for sale. We can customize according to your needs.

Regardless of any questions, you have about the timber semi trailer, please send an email to pandanine@pandamech.com and our engineers will get back to you as soon as they are received.