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Fabianlim from Singapore

post on 2022.2.28

The tank of the Sulfuric acid tank trailer has a large capacity and the connection is very firm. The JOST legs are indeed of good quality. It has been used for less than 8 month and there is no problem with the quality of the trailer.


Hafissou from Tanzania

post on 2022.1.15

I am very satisfied with the quality of the w shape Sulfuric acid tank trailer. If I have any problems I will contact the seller and inform them about it and I am very sure they will provide me with all the support. This is one of the best buying experience I ever had. Many Thanks to the seller for their customer care and support. I definitely will come back to this company for more buying.


Sheba Seakgwe from Zambia

post on 2022.1.10

Overall, the quality of the Sulfuric acid tank trailer is good, I haven’t met any issues with it. If you have any questions, you can contact them directly, and they will answer them immediately.

Beginner's Guide

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How to choose a chemical tanker trailer?

  • 1. Transporting materials: We generally use chemicals tank trailers to transport muriatic acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acids, or other goods, we need first to determine whether the chemical You can tell us what you need to transport and we will give you our professional advice.
  • 2. Local laws and regulations: whether the local country has a weight limit, we can consider using some chemical tanker with smaller cargo or aluminum alloy if the country has a weight limit.
  • 3. Roads: How are the roads in your country? For many of you who are not experienced, if the road conditions in your country are not good, we need to make some adjustments to ensure that the chemical tanker trailer can work better.
  • 4. Long-term use: Some customers tell us during the communication that the work may only last for a short time, then we will relatively recommend the use of some more cost-effective configuration, if some need to be used for a long time, we will relatively recommend some better quality configuration, to ensure that the chemical tank semi-trailer service life longer.

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How to choose a chemical carrier trailer manufacturer?

  • 1. Whether it is a factory or not: this is a very important criterion, there are many traders in China, but if we buy a chemical tanker trailer from a trader, it will cost us more, we suggest you choose to buy directly from the factory, PANDA Mech is a factory direct sales, there is no middleman to earn the price difference.
  • 2. Years of establishment: a company’s years of establishment can side reflect the strength of the company, PANDA Mech has been established for more than 20 years, technology has been at the forefront of the world, every year will invest a lot of human and material resources in research and development to improve.
  • 3. Look at the company’s major customers: a company that has major customers are more well-known companies in the industry, it also means that this company is trusted by major customers, but also means that this company is very worthy of cooperation.
  • 4. Product videos: if a company puts a lot of effort into its product videos, it also means that it is willing to put more effort into its products and it is a trustworthy company.
  • 5. Staff: When communicating with the business, whether the other party is professional, the business level of a company’s personnel, is also a side understanding of whether this company is professional, if this company can provide you with professional services and advice on your problems, then it must be right to choose them.

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What’s the use of a chemical tanker?

A chemical tanker is commonly used in industry to transport different acids, chemicals, such as muriatic acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acids. 

The texture of chemical tankers is different according to the acid transport. The standard surface includes stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum alloy. The chemical tank trailer is corrosive to the tank. Therefore some treatments on the tank shall be done. 


Types of chemical tankers

Through the following chemical product tanker images, we can better understand.

18000l concentrated sulfuric acid tank
3 axle 18000l concentrated sulfuric acid tank trailer for sale
18000l concentrated sulfuric acid tank
concentrated sulfuric acid tank truck trailer
Hydrochloric acid tank trailer
hydrochloric acid tank trailer for sale – gasoline oil fuel tanker
Hydrochloric acid tank trailer
Hydrochloric acid tank trailer for sale – oil tank trailer


Chemical tanker specifications

Size: 10500×2500 x3400-4000 mm (depending on the design)

Capacity: 18,000-30,000 liters

Tank material: carbon steel or stainless steel, aluminum alloy (very rare)

Drain valve: stainless steel, 3/4″ diameter

Number of axles: 2/3/4 axles

Suspension: air suspension or mechanical suspension

Pneumatic braking system: WABCO

Painting: sandblasted, rustproof chassis surfaces available with one coat of rustproof primer and two coats of topcoats.

ABS: optional

Other parts: a standard toolbox and more


Chemical tanker drawing

chemical acid tanker trailer drawing

concentrated sulfuric acid tank trailer for sale drawing- chemical tanker


Chemical tanker structure

Sulfuric acid and muriatic acid tankers are multi-layer structures. The external system is made of stainless steel and partly made of aluminum alloy. 

The lining structure of the tanker is made from polyethylene (PE) linings. They are made from different processes, but the shell and the PE lining inside are part of the complete chemical tank truck. 

Nitric acid tankers and acetic acid tankers are made from aluminum without lining materials. Aluminum pots are the best containers to be filled with nitric acid because there is a piece of oxidation film on its surface, which has the inactivation to prevent the reflection of corrosion.

In addition, the weight of aluminum alloy is lower, which conforms with the standard in some countries.


Panda chemical tanker advantages

The inner and outer tank of PANDA Mech tanker is processed with fine anticorrosive paint, with the characteristics of seamless, no leakage, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, long life, and others, which are suitable for the storage and transportation of most acids and muriatic acid.

Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃. As for best chemical tanker trailers, we use 5mm thick steel welded tankers and special designs such as ten reinforced rims to strengthen the chemical tanker truck. 

To improve the safe condition of the chemical truck trailer, we added a stainless emergency bottom value and a discharge valve on the bottom of the tanker, and the valves have the advantage of corrosion resistance, which can be used to lengthen the life of the chemical tank truck.

The tank of the chemical tanker trailer takes advanced butt welding technology after the tank model. Chemical semi-tanker shall take it with high-pressure gas leakage test, tanks of the batch must be tested, and tanks are featured with high strength, stable center of gravity, vehicle safety, and stability. 

PANDA Mech chemical tank truck trailer adopts internationally famous brand accessories, such as BPW, Fuwa, etc., with better quality and longer service life. 

PANDA Mech is experienced in producing chemical Tank trucks and can customize them according to the actual situation of customers. 


Inspection before the use of chemical tanker

  1. The safe system complies with operation requirements of vehicle braking, illumination, turn lights, and tire specifications qualified, wear normal, no use of refurbished tires. 
  2. They were allocated vehicle identification lights, signs, reflective signs and the protective device of rear sides, and the safety device of fire extinguisher ideally. The satellite positioning devices operate orderly.
  3. Chemical tank truck has been intact installed of the license plate, security check signs, insurance signs have been placed correctly, driving license, road transport license, highly toxic chemicals road transport license is completed and effective, which chemical tanker trailer can carry with the vehicle. 
  4. The emergency cut-off device of acid tank truck transportation sales is intact and in closed condition. 


Chemical tanker maintenance

  1. The chemical tanker requires to be inspected frequently. The cross profile of the chemical tanker would be thinner because of acid corrosion, especially at lower liquid levels. Generally, the service life of a Chemical Tanker is between 20 and 30 years.
  2. However, to ensure the safe operation of chemical tanker trailers, The chemical tanker shall generally test it for thickness at least once every two years. The inner shall be tested at least once every five years.
  3. The chemical tank shall examine the integrity of the tank structure to prevent corrosion, chemical erosion, erosion, creep, fatigue, mechanical damage, and brittle fracture.
  4. Corrosion is the leading cause of aging and accessories problems of chemical tank trailers. Although stainless steel tanks can be resistant to corrosion, their continued use and exposure to different environments can make them vulnerable to being corroded.
  5. It’s hard to keep even because of corrosion and erosion to the tank. Sometimes there will be random or localized pitting, especially at the bottom of a flat spot. Acid temperature is a contributing factor to this phenomenon. In addition to the durability and effectiveness of the base seal and other factors, materials of tank structure and the condition also play an essential role in the corrosion resistance of the acid tank trailer.


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