40Ft Container Sidelifter For Sale



Type: 3 Axles 40 ft side lifter trailer

Price Range: $30500-65,900

Delivery: 7-25 days

Loading capacity: 17-40 ton

Applications: transport container


Sidelifter is specially used for container loading and lifting. Which can lift and transport all kinds of 20 or 40 feet containers.

Side lifters widespread used in transportation, civil construction (including construction engineering, road, and bridge engineering, municipal constructional engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.), landscape sanitation, electricity, and telecommunication industry, field operation, pipeline transportation, stone industry, dock cargo handing, and long-distance goods transfer. After installing an additional device, it can be used for traffic accidents and high-altitude rescue.

Two hydraulic arms are mounted on auxiliary vehicles, truck trailers, standard 2-axle or 3-axle trucks, or railway vehicles, allowing access to the load, which can load or unload standard containers with a maximum weight of 32 tons.

40Ft container sidelifter images

40 ft box container side loader truck

40ft container side lifter trailer for sale

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40Ft container side lifter trailer specifications

Brand: PANDA Mech

Maximum lifting weight: 37 tons


Suspension: Mechanical



Material: High strength steel

Crake: WABCO emergency valve

King pin: 2/3.5 feet

Landing gear: Jost

Power source: Power take-off/diesel APU

Operation mode: Wireless remote control and manual operation

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Drawing of container side loader

side loader trailer drawing

container side lifter drawing crane module1


  1. Lifting with dual hydraulics for greater overall safety and stability.
  2. The container side lifter stops working if the legs are not extended during the working process.
  3. The support legs have an outreach function, which is safer and prevents rolling and overturning.
  4. More experience in the production of container side lifters.
  5. Both the legs and the lifting section are made of high-strength steel, ensuring safety and a longer service life.

Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a 40ft container side lifter trailer manufacturer from China. We supply a 40ft container side lifter trailer for sale. Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc…


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