Wing Van Trailer Transport to Philippines

Previously we received an inquiry from the Philippines to buy wing van trailers, and after about two weeks of communication, the customer gave us a PO.

The customer is mainly used for long distance transportation, the main cargo is some electronic products, the customer found us through Google, the customer wanted to buy wing van trucks at first, but after communication, he accepted our suggestion and felt that wing van trailers are more suitable for his needs.

wing wan trailer

We offer several types, side curtain type, convertible type, wing type, and refrigerated type, according to your needs, we will provide you with the most suitable semi trailers.

Wing van trailer feature:

  • 1. Double rear doors allow you to load and unload cargo in the traditional way, while the wing type left and right side doors allow you to get in and out of products faster and easier.
  • 2. The wing side doors are made of 100% aluminum, making it the lightest wing van on the market. The double-acting side doors are lifted into place by a safety control box hydraulic system.
  • 3. Chassis: 350Mpa yield strength steel. The main beam is automatically welded by a submerged arc welding machine.
  • 4. Various box types: closed box, open top box, wing compartment box, curtain side box.
wing van trailer for sale

How many days does it take to ship to Philippines

Generally speaking, it only takes about 7-15 days to ship to Philippines, which is very short. When the production of wing van trailer is finished, we will book the nearest shipping schedule and ship as soon as possible.

What other semi-trailers PANDA Mech offers for sale in Philippines

In the Philippines market, besides wing van trailer, as one of our biggest markets, we have established cooperation with several companies, we also offer many products for sale, including bulk cement tanker, flatbed semitrailer, container chassis trailer, semi truck dump trailer, lowbed trailer, etc.