2024 Best Guide of Lowbed Trailer?

What is the low bed trailer?

Lowbed trailer usually adopt an open beam (or sound type) frame. The front section of the whole structure likes swan-neck (swan-neck front section of the traction pin is connected with the traction saddle on the traction car, the swan-neck rear end is associated with the semi-trailer frame), and the middle section is the cargo platform (the lowest part of the frame), and the back end is the wheel frame (including wheels).

3 axle 50 ton lowbed trailer
3 axle 50 ton lowbed trailer for sale

When we load some machinery onto a semi lowbed trailer , we usually start packing from the rear end of the lowbed semi trailer, which is equivalent to moving the machinery from the flat surface of the rear wheel frame. Another option is to remove the wheels, set them aside, and load and attach the machinery to the lowbed semi trailer.

Lowbed Trailer Vs Flatbed Semi Trailer


The lowbed trailer truck is usually used to transport heavy vehicles (such as tractors, buses, special purpose vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery (such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, asphalt pavers, cranes, etc.) and other heavy cargo. The lower its center of gravity, the better its stability and safety and its ability to transport super-high loads and cross rugged terrain.

2 axle lowbed trailer
two axles lowbed trailer for sale – 3 alxe lowbed trailer for sale

The main types of lowbed trailer are two axle high low high, two line, four axle, high low high, three axle high low high, three line six axle, high low high. (Depending on the axle number, tire size, the carrying capacity of the low boy Semi-trailer is also different. The more axles there are, the more cargo it can carry.

Different types of lowbed trailer

Get a better idea of the lowbed trailer with the video and pictures below.

3 axle 50 ton lowbed trailer
three axles 50-ton lowbed trailer with ramps for sale
4 axle 70 ton lowbed trailer
four axles 70-ton lowbed trailer with hydraulic ramps for sale
3 axle 50 ton step lowbed trailer
3 axles 50-ton step lowbd trailer for sale
3 axle 50t detachable trailer
3 axle 50t detachable semi lowbd trailer for sale

Lowbd trailer specifications

Size: 16000 * 1500 * 3500 mm (customized)

Weight: About 9-13 t

Load capacity (T): 60T-100T

Axle: 13T /16T, FUWA /BPW /Huajing brand

Tires: 8.25 R20/10.00 R20/11.00 R20/12.00 R20

Suspension: mechanical suspension (German or American) or air suspension (Chinese brand or BPW brand for overseas market)

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Landing gear: JOST brand D200T or Chinese brand 28Tons (two-speed)

Main beam: Height: 450mm-520mm Upper plate: 14mm-25mm Middle

Plate: 8mm-12mm Lower plate: 16mm-25mm

Material: Q345B steel

Axle: FUWA brand, 13Tons or 16Tons

Side beam: 16mm channel steel (material: Q235 steel)

Brake air chamber: WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30 + T30 spring brake chamber (TKL brand); 45L air tank (special for overseas market)

ABS: optional

Socket: 7 needle socket (7 wires)

Toolbox: 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m (The toolbox contains one tire wrench, one piston sleeve, and one crank. It can be customized to suit your needs.)

Surface coating: sandblasting, anti-rust chassis surface, and anti-corrosion primer, two layers can only be painted one layer.

Panda lowbd trailer packaging and shipping

Panda lowbd trailer will be treated to prevent moisture before transportation, we will first spray a layer of wax on the lowbed trailer, and then will cover a tarp to ensure that it will not be corroded by seawater when it is transported.

detachable lowbed trailer for sale transport
detachable lowbed trailer for sale transport
detachable lowbed trailer transport
detachable lowbed trailer transport

Loading test of semi equipment trailers

All of our panda lo boy trailer must be load tested to ensure that each vehicle can meet the standard before you can, in the process of your use, we will have a specialized person to guide you in the use and answer questions.

low boy trailer test
60 ton lowbd trailer for sale test

The low loader flatbed trailer factory image

lwobed trailer factory
lowbd trailer factory

Production process

Before we produce, first of all, Panda technical department will provide you with suitable drawings according to your needs, and after the drawings are confirmed to be correct, we will start to put them into production.

1. Cutting of steel sheet material

We will first cut the steel according to the design of each part of the drawing, out of each part of another addition, such as beam web, reinforcement plate, standard small accessories, etc.

2. Submerged arc welding crossbeam, crossbeam fixed

Then we need to fix the cut web and upper and lower wing plate to the welding point in the next step, and then use submerged arc welding to weld the cross beam.

low boy trailer production process
lowbd trailer production process

3. Aligning beam, aligning beam

First, cut out the beam web, cut into a U-shaped hole that the beam can pass through, and then fix the welded I-beam parallel to the beam. This time, must determine this calibration beam, this is very important for semi low loader. If the parallel error of the two I-beams is large, the wear and tear on the tires are very powerful.

4. Connect the side beams and weld the main pin

After the main beam is formed, only the side beams are welded to form the frame structure, the traction pin traction plate needs to be welded to the position required by the drawing, the welding process is demanding, otherwise, it will be easy to have a lowbed trailer chassis tilt.

5. Welding frame and suspension

Welding suspension must strictly control the size and maintain verticality, otherwise, it will cause tire wear.

low boy trailer production process
low boy trailer production process

6. connecting gooseneck

We weld the gooseneck of the low boy trailer, and then weld to strengthen the plate.

7. Lay the base plate

We welded the base plate to the overall frame.

8. Start sanding and painting

We need to sand first before painting, and then need to paint, painting is a very important thing, aesthetic and paint treatment is very examining technicians.

low boy trailer production process
lowbed trailer production process

How does the lowbed trailer works?

Lowbed trailer is widely used, generally for medium and long distance freight. Its frame is a through-beam structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts a straight live gooseneck type.

The height of the web varies from 400mm to 550mm, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot blasted, and the crossbeam is welded through the longitudinal beam as a whole.

The overall material used for lowbed trailer is high strength steel, the overall body quality is more reliable, at the same time, for llowbed trailer equipped with a variety of parts, making lowbed trailer better adaptability and longer service life.

low boy trailer loading
lowbed trailer loading

The low boy trailer usually transports vehicles including tractors, buses, special vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, pavers, cranes, and other heavy-duty goods, lowbed trailer, the lower the overall center of gravity, its safety and stability can also be better, while the ability to transport some elevated obstacles and super high cargo can also be stronger.

Generally, lowbed trailer for loading is through the back part of the loading equipment, and then through the mechanical equipment, the equipment is fixed on the lowbed trailer.


1. Welding method for linkage draw bar. The old linkage draw bar had only a circle in the middle to pass through the traction pin. The linkage draw bar is now designed with several holes in the middle and around, playing an essential role in drainage and effectively preventing corrosion.

2. The girder at the front swan-neck sometimes breaks, so we have reinforcement plates for it.

3. Suspension is the main component and important bearing part of the lowbed trailer, so the welding joint must be handled appropriately when welding. We added a base plate under the vehicle suspension.


1. Main beam

The main beam is a 500mm thickened main beam (Q460C high strength steel)
PANDA new lowbed trailer adopts a 500mm main beam, the general gooseneck lowboy truck and trailer uses a 450mm main beam, its load capacity can effectively increase by about 10%, which can meet many bad roads.
300mm wide main beam

PANDA lowbed trailer adopts 300mm wide main beam, the general lowbed vehicle uses 140mm, 300mm can increase the bearing capacity by 20% compared with 140mm, and it can run smoothly.

2. Side beam

The side beam adopts a 300mm high “I” type steel side beam.
The side beam of the PANDA lowboy truck trailer adopts a 300mm “I-beam” design, while the common lowbed trailer adopts a 250mm side beam, which has more than 1 times the load capacity of the common lowbed truck trailer.

10mm thick side beam

PANDA lowbed trailer is produced by 10mm thick side beam, the common lowbed trailer adopts 4.5mm, its loading capacity exceeds the common semi truck with lowboy trailer by 30%.

3. Powerful ramp

PANDA lowbed trailer loading ramp is made of T700 high strength steel with large load capacity, we will not have deformation when loading equipment into lowboy drop deck trailer.

The lowbed trailer can load various goods suitable for various mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tank, power plant equipment, and all kinds of steel transport.

low bed trailer for sale main bead
gooseneck low boy trailer main bead – load loader trailer for sale

The lowbed

1. The lowbed trailer series have many construction types, such as flat plate, open beam, and exposed tire. The longitudinal beam is straight or swan-neck. Its frame is ladder type, and the longitudinal beam section’ shape likes “工,” so it has the characteristics of high rigidity and high strength.

2. For the frame, its cargo platform plane is relatively low. This design ensures the smooth transportation of goods. So it can carry all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment, and steel.

3. It uses a three-axis balance type, two-axis balance type, or rigid suspension form in the front and rear leaf spring between the mass balance block, which can make the deflection of the front and rear leaf spring produce the same amount of change and can make the show and back axle force balance.

4. The lowbed trailer series products are suitable for the transportation of various mechanical equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large tank, power station equipment, and all kinds of steel transportation.

It is versatile, efficient, and fast to transport. The vehicle uses advanced computer-aided design software to design various advanced technology. At the same time, we can create the bearing surface of the frame according to the user’s requirements to meet the transportation of various particular goods.

Vehicle maintenance

Brake pad maintenance

The customer needs to manage and maintain the brake control system of the lowbed trailer. Clean and high-quality brake fluid is essential to the safety performance of the brake operating system. The brake oil of the vehicle should not be reused, and the brake fluid that does not meet the standard should be discarded in time. The price of vehicle maintenance is meager, and safety is one of our biggest concerns.

About the replacement of gooseneck low boy trailer’s brake pad

We usually decide whether the brake shoes should be replaced by looking at the brake warning light on the dashboard, but this is not safe. The warning lights don’t light up in some cars until the brake shoes are entirely worn. If the metal base of the brake pad and the brake disc is worn away,  you’ll see shiny cut iron near the edges of the tire and rim.

Therefore, every time the vehicle comes into the factory for maintenance, the user needs to check whether the brake pads can be used. The brake pads that are badly worn should be replaced in advance.

About the tire inspection

The user needs to ensure the tire pressure on the lowbed trailer is appropriate. In winter, the temperature is low. According to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the driver should moderately increase the inflation pressure of the tire to reduce tire wear.

However, too much air pressure can loosen the tires’ grip when driving on icy roads. Generally, it would be best to use 10 to 15 percent more inflation pressure in severe winter conditions than the standard. In winter, The driver needs to check the semi’s tires’ air pressure frequently. When the tire pressure is not enough, please timely supplement.

The tire wear

The difference in traction and grip between new and old tires is enormous. The tire of the gooseneck low back trailer should be replaced in time according to the wear condition, and the tire used has the wear mark at 1.6 mm of the pattern depth.

Under regular application, tire wear to this point indicates that the tire needs to be replaced.

Clean the tires in time

Drivers should pay attention to cleaning tires before and after driving in winter. Before going, the driver needs to check whether the tire pattern of the lowbed trailer is covered with snow and ice. If so, clean it up.

If the ice in the tire is very hard, it can not be forced to pry, nor can it be used to pour boiling water on the tire. Drivers need to pour water on the surface of the tire pattern at an average temperature. In addition, we also need to check whether there are stones, iron, nails, and other foreign bodies in the way of the tire. If there are, the driver needs to clean them in time.

Details to pay attention to when choosing tires in winter

It’s common to add chains to the tires of the lowbed trailer during snow and ice. But the driver must understand that the anti-skid chain will cause damage to tires and shock absorbers. If the balanced ratio of the tire is meager, it can damage the hub and cause the tire to bulge. The service life of tires will be reduced, so drivers must pay attention.

Main points of buying the low boy trailer

  • 1. Manufacturer’s technology. The production technology of each manufacturer is different. From the design of the lowbed to the quality of the production equipment, and then to the production of workers’ experience are very different.
  • 2. The steel plate material. Steel plate material can be divided into ordinary steel plate, high-strength steel plate, and manganese plate. The lowbed made of standard steel plate is generally lower, at least 2000 YUAN cheaper than the other two kinds of steel plate. So when you buy a low boy trailer, don’t just think about the price. If you want to buy a low bed container trailer at a meager price, it must be made of inferior steel.
  • 3. Selection of accessories

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