Top 10 Fuel Tanker Trailer Manufacturer

Hello, my friend, are you looking for a tanker trailer manufacturer? Do you know which fuel tank trailer suppliers are better? How to choose tanker trailer Suppliers.

There are many tanker trailer manufacturers in the world, distributed in various countries around the world. Today we have compiled a list of the top 10 tanker trailer manufacturers in no particular order.

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank Trailer Shipped to Tanzania

1. Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a fuel tanker trailer manufacturer from China. Panda Mech is a fuel tanker trailer manufacturer from China. Panda Mech has been engaged in tanker trailers for 20 years and has a wealth of experience.

Panda Mechanical Co., Ltd, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, is famous for the design and production of all kinds of semitrailers and commercial vehicles.

PANDA MECH has first-class techniques in machine manufacturing. We have continuously introduced advanced technology from world-famous truck manufacturers to improve our design strength. Skillful and experienced engineers design each vehicle and have passed 120+ QC inspections to supply perfect trailers around the globe.

2. Heil Trailer

Heil is a tanker trailer Manufacturer and the company’s semi trailers are specially designed to transport various liquids such as diesel, petrol, asphalt, LPG, etc. The Heil trailers are manufactured with superior craftsmanship and are of safe quality.

Heil trailers are highly crafted, safe and secure, with an innovative design that is friendly to safety and environmental standards.

Heil offers a wide range of semi-trailers to meet different transportation needs.

3. Polar Tank Trailer

Polar is a famous tank trailer manufacturer, specializing in semi-trailers for transporting liquids. With high quality and customer satisfaction, Polar has a good reputation in the industry.

Polar’s product range is also used in various applications, including the transportation of petroleum, chemicals and other specialized applications.Polar also produces cement tanker trailers, which are used for transportation of cement, sand and flour etc. The company is known for its advanced engineering, durable construction and industry-compliant design.

The company is known for its advanced engineering, durable construction, and compliance with industry safety, and is committed to oil, gas, and chemical solutions.

4. Tremcar

Tremcar is a supplier that specializes in the production of tanker trailers in the North American market, where materials include stainless steel and aluminum.

Tremcar also produces other types of vacuum tanks, domestic sewers, hydro excavators, vacuum sumps and other specialized tanks.

Tremcar is also a manufacturer of tanker trailers that can be customized to meet your needs, and we highly recommend purchasing a Tremcar tanker trailer if you are in North America.

5. Tankmart

Tankmart l is a professional fuel tanker trailer manufacturer in China. Tankmart’s main market is in Canada. Founded in 1983, the company has rich experience in the transportation industry.

Moreover, Tankmart has three subsidiaries, all serving Canada. If you’re in the transportation industry in Canada, you’re sure to see Tankmart regularly.

Tankmart not only has new fuel tanker trailer for sale, but also has used ones as well as rental business to help you solve your transportation problems better.

6. Platinum tank Group

Platinum Tank Group employs more than 300 people and produces 1,200 fuel tanker trailers per year.

The main products manufactured by Platinum Tank Group include:

  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for refined petroleum (DOT& TC406)
  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for crude oil (DOT & TC407)
  • Aluminum insulated semi-trailers and B trains for hot products (DOT & TC406)
  • Aluminum semi-trailers for transport of wastewater.
  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for the transport of bulk products (DOT Standards)
  • Steel semi-trailers for the transport of dry bulk products (DOT Standards)
  • Aluminum tanks installed on chassis (DOT 406)
  • Aircraft refuelers (local operating standards)

7. Amthor

Amthor is an American company with strong innovation ability and is a professional tanker trailer manufacturer.

The company is a very famous American tanker trailer Manufacturer, which is constantly introducing patents and improving the existing products, training the staff and communicating with the customers frequently to improve the products further.

8. MAC Trailer

MAC Trailer is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to specialized trailers, parts, and services. Boasting 11 strategically located plants and over 1.8 million square feet of manufacturing space, MAC Trailer is well-equipped to craft a trailer tailored to your specific requirements.

9. Hale

Hale trailer supplies top of the line fuel tanker trailers, and they can help you find the right tanker trailers for you by providing expert customer service and industry knowledge.

In addition, Hale trailer is also in the used tanker trailer for sale, as well as the rental fuel tanker trailer business.

Hale tanker trailers are perfect for transporting a wide variety of liquids, including crude oil, gasoline, milk, etc. Hale has a wide variety of fuel tanker trailers in different sizes, capacities, and suspension types.

10. GRW

GRW is a South African fuel tanker trailer manufacturer, always providing world-class semi trailers and tanker trailers to enhance the efficiency of our customers.

GRW fuel tanker trailers have always performed well in some of the harsher conditions such as the sub-Saharan region.

GRW has a manufacturing facility located in Worcester that covers a total of 40,000 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, laser cutters, turnable CNC robots, and automated welding machines, which also ensures product precision.

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank trailer

How do you choose a fuel tanker trailer manufacturer?

  • 1. Whether it is a factory or not: this is a critical criterion, there are many traders in China, but if we buy a fuel tanker trailer from a trader, it will cost us more, we suggest you choose to buy directly from the factory, PANDA Mech is a factory direct sales, there is no intermediary to earn the price difference.
  • 2. PANDA Mech has been established for more than 20 years. Its technology has been at the forefront of the world. It invests a lot of human and material resources in research and development every year to improve.
  • 3. Look at the company’s big customers: a company with big customers is a more well-known company in the industry. It also means that big customers trust this company and are very worthy of cooperation.
  • 4. Product videos: if a company puts a lot of effort into its product videos, it also means that it is willing to put more effort into its products, which is a trustworthy company.
  • 5. When communicating with the business, whether the other party is professional, the business level of a company’s personnel is also a side understanding of whether this company is professional, if this company can provide you with professional services and advice on your problems, then it must be suitable to choose them.