Pneumatic Dry Bulk Trailer Will Transport To Jamaica

For our Jamaican customer, this marks their fourth purchase of the tri-axle 40-ton pneumatic dry bulk trailer from Panda Mech. They aren’t alone; many have repeatedly chosen us.

Why Panda Mech? With over 20 years decade in the business, we’re a top-tier manufacturer in China, trusted for our quality.

Our pneumatic dry bulk trailer, crafted for cement transport, boasts a specialized chassis, pneumatic piping, a tanker, and discharging units.

35cbm cement trailer 7

When you pick Panda Mech, you’re picking quality assurance. Our engagement centers on:

  • Technical merits.
  • Showcasing past significant client projects and inspection reports.
  • Offering robust accessory support.
  • Guidance on optimal use and regular upkeep of our trailers.
  • We appreciate clients like the one from Jamaica, who value transparent dialogue—a cornerstone of good business.

Worried about the budget? We’ll work with you to offer the best value.

By July, we had the customer’s deposit. Come August, their trailer was ready to ship to Jamaica.

Considering a pneumatic dry bulk trailer?

35cbm cement trailer 7
35cbm cement trailer 7

Ponder these:

Capacity Needs: Define the cement volume and distance you’re targeting. Ensure the chosen semi trailer’s design can support it. Factor in the trailer’s durability too.

Tank Production & Weld Quality: These trailers act as high-pressure containers. It’s vital the tank is robust, underpinning safe operations.

Tank Thickness: The thickness varies based on the trailer’s capacity. Ensure it’s apt for your needs.

Construction Material: Common pneumatic trailer materials are aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel, consult Panda Mech, we will give you the most professional advice.

Anything or questions about pneumatic dry bulk trailer, contact us now.