How much does flatbed semi trailer cost & Rental Price?

Flatbed semi trailer price: $7,990-17,900. There are a lot of different types of flatbed semi trailer for sale. Let’s take a look.

4axle flatbed semi trailer

Flatbed trailer price

4 Axle$9.990
Single tire$10,990
With front$9,990
A double$10,990
Lowbed trailer$17,500
RGN trailer$21,500

Various types of trailers are available for purchase with their respective prices. These include a 40-foot flatbed trailer priced at $8,990, a 20-foot flatbed semi trailer at $7,500, and a 4 Axle flatbed container trailer at $9,990. Additionally, a Single tire flatbed trailer is listed at $10,990, while a 53-foot flatbed trailer is available for $10,590.

Options like the With front, and A double flatbed trailers all come in at $9,990 each. For specialized trailers, there’s an Extendable flatbed trailer option priced at $12,990, a Lowbed trailer at $17,500, and an RGN trailer at $21,500. Keep in mind that these prices are approximate and may vary based on factors such as location, specifications, and additional features.

What are the factors affecting the price of the flatbed trailer

Step 1: Size

The price of flatbed trailer is obviously different between 20Ft and 40ft, and the price of 40ft is higher than 20ft.

2. Configuration

Different regions require different configurations, especially in some countries with poor road conditions, the flatbed semi trailer with high configurations has a longer life.

Configuration includes tires, suspension, steel thickness, axle, etc.

3. Lease or buy

Under normal circumstances, the lease is paid daily, and the purchase is a one-time payment. If we use flatbed semi trailers for a short period of time, then renting flatbed semi trailers is more appropriate. If we use Flatbed Semi Trailers for a long period of time, we can save more costs by purchasing Flatbed Semi Trailers. In other words, we can buy part of the flatbed trailer and rent part of the flatbed trailer.

3 Axle 40 Foot Flatbed Semi Trailer

How much does it cost to rent flatbed semi trailer

48 ft Flatbed Combo$1,300 Per Month
53 ft Flatbed Combo$1,400 Per Month
53 ft Flatbed Aluminum$1,650 Per Month
53 ft Step Deck Full Aluminum$1,650 Per Month (Ramps $300 Extra)
Step Low Pro 17.5$1,900 Per Month (Ramps $300 Extra)
Step Low Pro 17.5 (3 axles)$2,300 Per Month (Ramps $300 Extra)
Conestoga 48 ft Combo$1,700 Per Month
Conestoga 53 ft Aluminum$2,100 Per Month
RGN 48 ft 40T$2,300 Per Month
Flip Axle for RGN$1,000 Per Month
RGN 40T Extendable$3,800 Per Month

A variety of trailer types are available for monthly rental, each with its respective price. The options include a 48 ft Flatbed Combo at $1,300, a 53 ft Flatbed Combo at $1,400, and a 53 ft Flatbed Aluminum at $1,650. Additionally, there’s a 53 ft Step Deck Full Aluminum and Step Low Pro 17.5, both priced at $1,650 per month (with ramps available for an additional $300).

The Step Low Pro 17.5 with 3 axles comes in at $2,300 per month (ramps also available for an extra $300). Other options include the Conestoga 48 ft Combo at $1,700, Conestoga 53 ft Aluminum at $2,100, RGN 48 ft 40T at $2,300, Flip Axle for RGN at $1,000, and an RGN 40T Extendable at $3,800 per month. Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on factors like location, specifications, and additional features.

3 axle drawbar flatbed trailer

How to choose the right flatbed semi trailers?

  • 1. Transport: We generally use platform semi trailers to transport containers or other goods. We need to determine whether flatbed semi trailers can do our job. You can tell us the goods you need to transport. We will provide you with professional advice.
  • 2. Local laws and regulations: whether the local country has a weight limit, if the country has a weight limit, we can consider using some flatbed semi trailers with smaller cargo or aluminum alloy.
  • 3. Roads: How are the roads in your country? For many inexperienced people who may not know, if the country’s road conditions are not good, we need to make adjustments to ensure that the flatbed semi trailers can work better. In this regard, PANDA Mech does a good job and can always provide some professional advice.
  • 4. Long-term use: Some customers tell us in the communication that the work may only last for a while, so we will recommend using some cost-effective configuration. If some need to be used for a long time, we recommend some better quality configuration to ensure that the flatbed semi trailers live longer.

Where can I buy a cost-effective flatbed semi trailer

Panda Mech is one of the most well-known flatbed semi trailer manufacturers in China. With more than 20+ years of manufacturing experience, Panda MECh has accumulated many customers in the past 20 years, and won 95% of the customers’ praise.

We provide cost-effective flatbed semi trailer with lower prices, higher quality, and longer service life.


How much does a flatbed semi trailer weigh?

7-9 Tons.

How much weight can a 53 ft flatbed carry?

60-80 Ton, depending on axle and tire configuration and local laws and regulations.