Gooseneck Lowbed Trailer Shipping to Africa

I met our customer on Google’s website, and when I saw his company email, I immediately sent him an email, introducing our semi-trailer and giving him a few pictures. I received a reply from him a week after I sent it.

“I was on vacation and didn’t pay attention to email messages, and I was interested in your products” Then he gave me his phone number.

gooseneck lowbed trailer shipping to africa2

So I began to introduce our products to him actively, and customers said they only have demand for lowbed. We talked for about a week to get to know the customers. But the contact was suddenly cut off, so I started calling the customer to understand his concerns and sent him pictures of the products we supply to other customers, which strengthened the customer’s trust.

Half a month later, we received an order from a customer who expressed his trust in us and hoped that we could speed up production for him. After about thirty days, we finished the show and shipped it to the customer.

gooseneck lowbed trailer shipping to africa1

When he received it, he was very excited to say that choosing Panda was the right choice, and it also saved him the cost. “Next time I need it, I will choose PANDA,” said the customer