15 Fuel Tankers of 3 Axle 45kl Sent to Gambia!

The safest way to carry combustible oil is by using fuel tankers. So our old friend William from the Gambia came back to buy more from us.

Recently, the oil industry in the Gambia blew out, driving the fuel tanker transportation to develop quickly. Mr. William had ordered 20 fuel tanker trailers from us before; the quality, efficiency and operating convenience impressed him greatly. As his business expanded, he called another 15 fuel tanker truck trailers here in China Panda Mech.

45000 liters fuel tanker trailers for sale in the Gambia

45000 liters fuel tanker trailers for sale in the Gambia

Generally, our fuel tank trailers’ volume can range from 30kl to 60kl. Many variants are below the volume, like the aluminum tanker or the B-double fuel tanker. But the 3 axles, 45kl oil tank semi tanker is the most popular model for sale in Gambia, because it has a wide range of applications for materials like diesel, petroleum, oil, gasoline, etc. The 45kl oil tanker trailer is suitable for most of the businesses on the market for its sufficient capacity as well as the cheap price. 

3 axle fuel tanker trailer
3 axle fuel tanker trailer

tri axle oil tank trailer for sale in Gambia

There are three parts in general: the fuel tank, the skeleton to uphold the tanker, and the driving part. To ensure driving safety and impermeability, we adopted a high-precision welding technique to deal with the seams so that the whole tanker and the chassis will bear large pressure and weight. This way, the fuel tanker trailer can offer services for more than 5 years with a low maintenance rate.

Due to the former endorsement, the negotiation went smoothly. We checked the model, the quantity of the fuel tanker trailer, and details in the specification, then the orders were put into production in time. This order will arrive at Gambia next month according to the schedule.

3 axles fuel tanker trailer for sale in Gambia

3 axles fuel tanker trailer for sale in Gambia – More fuel tanker trailer type

Apart from this, the specification can also be customized according to your needs. The axles, the volume, the chassis, and the spare parts have various configurations, and we will do our best to meet your requirement as long as we have comprehensive communication in advance.

Finally, let’s express our sincere gratitude to all our partners from Gambia, and we hope there will be long-term cooperation in the future.