Friends From Afar! African Customers Visited Panda Mechanical for Further Cooperation!

On March 10, 2023, Shandong Panda Mechanical Co., Ltd received a large company visit from East Africa. The Group procurement manager, CEO, procurement manager, and logistics manager of the customer company came to our factory for a visit according to the agreed time.

friends from afar1

In the factory, we took the customer to the production workshop to visit, and carried out an in-depth discussion and research on the technical specifications of the trailer, so that the customer could understand how we design superior semi trailers and how the production process of each step is carried out.

friends from afar2

Meanwhile, the customers also raised their questions about our products. After the in-depth communication with our technical manager, they had a deeper understanding of our products and also recognized the efforts we have made to ensure good quality, which laid a certain foundation for our future cooperation.
Looking forward to seeing them again!