End Dump Semi Trailer Unload Operation Safely – You Must Know

End dump trailer operation is a very important thing, especially in terms of safety; we are in the process of operation, and we have to do a good job in all aspects of the safety checks in strict accordance with the norms and standards to do, to ensure that nothing is wrong.

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End dump trailer loading safety checklist

Our first step is to do a safety check, the following is a checklist we organized.

  • 1. whether the ground is level and can carry the weight of the dump trailer rising.
  • 2. check all the parts of the dump trailer, especially the hydraulic cylinders.
  • 3. check the air pressure of the tires and vehicle suspension.
  • 4. check the pipes to make sure there are no breaks.

How to lift a dump smei trailer?

Dump semi trailer must use hydraulic cylinder in the lifting process. The power of the hydraulic cylinder comes from the tractor.

4 axle 50 ton tipper dump semi trailer for sale

How to operate dump semi trailer safely

The correct loading and unloading of a dump semi trailer plays an important role in the performance of the trailer, the service life of the trailer, and – most importantly – your safety.

To properly load a trailer, you must consider: total load capacity, load distribution, proper tongue weight, and load securing. With these factors in mind, here are 5 helpful tips for loading and unloading a dump semi trailer:

  • 1. Park the tractor and trailer on firm, level ground when loading
  • 2. Minimize the center of gravity
  • 3. Use stabilizers or flaps when back loading equipment
  • 4. Be aware of your surroundings when unloading

Both loading and unloading need to be on level, hard ground.

Whether loading or unloading, the ground is definitely the place where the most force is applied, so we must find a flat and hard surface to avoid accidents. It is important to realize that accidents often occur when loading and unloading on uneven surfaces.

Chassis fittings of semi tipper trailer

This may not always seem possible, but it is worth taking the time to do this as well as possible. Attempting to load on a loose or uneven surface can cause the trailer to tip over, which is extremely dangerous for you and your trailer. Uneven surfaces also make it difficult to distribute the weight of your cargo properly. Excessive front loads will strain the hydraulic lift and may even overload it. Excessive rear loads can cause the trailer to sway at high speeds.

Keep the center of gravity as low as possible.

Load heavy items on the floor and on the axles. When loading other items, strive to maintain even lateral weight distribution and proper tongue weight. Remember that the trailer axle carries most of the weight of the trailer and its contents, with the rest of the total weight carried by the trailer hitch.

4 axle 50 ton tipper dump semi trailer for sale

Don’t go too fast during loading.

Dump semi trailer commonly transported goods are coal, sand and gravel, etc. Usually, we will use an excavator for loading, but during loading, we must load slowly.

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Pay attention to the surroundings when unloading.

When unloading a dump semi trailer, you also need to make sure that the trailer and the trailer are located on a firm, level surface for the reasons mentioned above. You will also need to clear the area around the dump semi trailer before unloading. When operating the dump controls, make sure you place yourself in a safe position away from the dump body. Before raising the dump body, check for overhead wires and other obstructions. Also make sure the rear doors are open and secured with door braces before raising the bed.

This is just a small list of things to keep in mind when operating a dump semi trailer. There are many other things you need to do to ensure the safety and long-term use of your trailer. Just like any other tool, a dump semi trailer can be extremely beneficial when used properly and extremely dangerous when used improperly.

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How to unload semi dump trailer

  1. In the loading process, avoid the disconnection between the end dump trailer and the tractor in case the dump trailer tips over.
  2. The load must be distributed evenly to prevent the end dump trailer from tipping over while driving or unloading.
  3. Park the dump semi trailer and tractor on level ground before unloading.
  4. The tractor and end dump trailer must be in-line.
  5. Make sure that the end dump trailer body will not hit anything when raised, such as power lines, trees, etc.
  6. If the dump semi trailer is equipped with air suspensions, remember to first lower the suspension height.
  7. Increasing the engine speed during unloading is unnecessary, and the process cannot be interrupted.
  8. Don’t gather all the goods at the end of end dump trailer in case of tipping over in the offloading process. Instead, of unloading while walking.
  9. Cargo accumulation at the end of end dump trailer can lead to lifting failure.
  10. The cylinder is not used for stabilization, but only for lifting and lowering. So it cannot receive lateral traction during the working process.
  11. The cylinder should not continue working for over 30 minutes.
  12. For safety’s sake, keep away from the end dump trailer as far as possible during operation to prevent accidents.
  13. The cylinder must be fully retracted after unloading.
  14. Remember to move the rollover lever to the neutral position, finishing the offloading one minute later.
  15. Make sure the working pressure of the cylinder will not exceed the specified value.
  16. The engine oil should be changed every 6-9 months. The time interval should be shortened if it is used more frequently.
  17. Take these inspections into a daily routine: the hydraulic hose conditions, the connecting hose between the cylinder and the hydraulic system, the quick connector, and the cylinder support. In addition, lubricate the fulcrum and tighten the support bolts regularly.
  18. Following the above operation rules can effectively prevent danger as well as the longer life span of the dump semi trailer.

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