Cement Bulker Will be transported to Ethiopia

The Tale of Leon and Mbiya: A Journey to the Perfect Cement Bulker

The First Interaction

Leon received an inquiry from Ethiopian construction giant Mbiya, who was interested in a tandem axle cement bulk truck to support his expanding project.

50t cement tanker 11


Leon presented the features of the 2-axle cement bulker. However, he also took the time to understand the local conditions and regulations in Ethiopia. After some calculations, Leon realized that a 3-axle bulker would be more suitable for Mbiya, given the local weight limits on Ethiopian roads, Leon advised Mbiya to use 3 axle cement bulkers.

Mbiya was initially skeptical. Leon explained in detail the reasons and benefits of using 3 axle cement bulkers to Mbiya, who eventually agreed to Leon’s proposal.

The Features

Leon then elaborated on the 3-axle cement bulker’s features:

  • Enhanced Weight Distribution: The 3 axles distribute weight more evenly, making it compliant with local weight limits.
  • High-Capacity Storage: Capable of holding up to 60 tons of cement.
  • Pneumatic Discharge System: Ensures quick and efficient unloading.
  • Safety Measures: Equipped with advanced braking systems and safety valves.

The Decision

After a month of discussing configurations, Mbiya was convinced. He appreciated Leon’s expertise and decided to go ahead with the 3-axle cement bulker.

The Delivery

Exactly 30 days later, the cement bulker arrived at Mbiya’s construction site. As Leon had promised, it navigated the Ethiopian roads effortlessly.

50t cement tanker transport

The Follow-Up

Leon conducted a follow-up call to ensure Mbiya was satisfied with his investment. Mbiya was more than pleased; he was impressed. He thanked Leon for his guidance and expressed his intent to continue this fruitful business relationship.

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