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Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer Capacity Height


As a leading manufacturer and exporter of cement bulker trailers, PANDA has been supplying customers with high-quality steel/aluminum bulk cement tanker trailers for 20 years now.

These cement bulker trailers are manufactured of high-strength steel plates, which ensures that each unit is strong, durable and easy to maintain.

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50 cbm cement tanker for sale

Bulk cement tanker trailer capacity

Bulk cement tanker trailer capacity is from 25t to 120t. Bulk cement tanker trailers can transport materials such as cement, fly ash, powder lime, etc.

Its’ large loading capacity makes it suitable for long-distance transportation. Besides, loading and unloading of cement bulker trailers are simple. Cement bulker trailers are mainly used in industrial construction projects, such as port construction and bridge building.

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aluminum cement trailer for sale

Cement tanker configuration

Cement tanker’s configuration is mainly bulk cement tank, air compressor, tire, axle, suspension, and so on. 

The bulk cement tanker has a high loading capacity and can transport large amounts of cement. It is mainly used in industrial construction projects such as port construction and bridge building.

The cement trailer is loaded by means of manhole covers on the top and unloaded by means of the discharging pipe, and the air compressor increases the pressure for easier and faster unloading.

50cbm cement bulker

Bulk cement tanker height

Usually the cement bulker trailer is 3.9m to 4m high. And the tank length ranges from 7,500mm to 14,500m (depending on customers’ demand). PANDA provides customized steel tanks for the carriage of bulk cement.

The vertical transportation height of Panda cement bulker trailer is over 30m.

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PANDA is a professional bulk cement tanker manufacturer in China. We can provide right cement bulker trailers to meet your needs. The capacity can be 25ton to 120ton. Also aluminium tanks and self-loading cement bulker trailers are available. Including 25-120 ton bulk cement tankers, 50 ton cement trailers, 60 ton bulk cement trailers, aluminum cement tankers, self-loading cement trailer.


The PANDA bulk cement tanker trailer loading capacity and height can be customized. We can also provide you with a variety of different bulk cement bulker trailers and other trailers.

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