60 Ton Cement TrailerShipping to Asia

This is our customer who needs a 60 ton 3-axles cement tank, we met on the website.

60 ton cement trailershipping to asia2

Customers said they saw our promotional brochures and daily sharing on the website and thought they looked good, so they contacted us. Because there is a new project for transporting cement, it is necessary to purchase two new cement tankers for transport. In addition, he may buy two more when another batch of funds comes down.

After understanding the needs of customers, we actively recommend existing vehicles that are suitable for customers. This effectively saves time and enables the customer to start his project as soon as possible. The customer is very satisfied with our proposal, but their company needs to hold a meeting to discuss it.

60 ton cement trailershipping to asia1

After waiting for a few days, the customer agreed to buy our spot. Order, deposit, delivery, all completed quickly.

The customer was very happy after receiving the vehicle and sent us a feedback picture. And said that these are the two best cement tankers in their company now, and the other two will be ordered as soon as the funds come down.

PANDA is committed to solving all problems for customers, just choose PANDA when buying the semi-trailer!