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Mohamed Mahmoud from Mauritania

post on 2022.2.22

Our boss saw the 3 axle palm oil tanker trailer in Zambia and asked about the configuration and use effect. The boss asked me to purchase 45 KL palm oil tanker trailer from PANDA for business. I just received it, and the boss is very satisfied.


Hafissou from Tanzania

post on 2022.2.18

I bought the 10 sets palm oil tanker trailer from PANDA 5 years ago. Up to now, everything else works normally. I will buy it again within 2 months to expand my business.


Sheba Seakgwe from Zambia

post on 2022.2.10

The tank of the 3 axle 45 KL palm oil tank trailer has a large capacity and the connection is very firm. The JOST legs are indeed of good quality. It has been used for less than 8 month and there is no problem with the quality of the trailer.

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