What is a fuel tanker trailer?

We can often see tank trailers on the road to transport fuel, oil, petrol, diesel, which is the fuel tanker trailer.

The PANDA MECH fuel tanker trailer has 2-10 compartments, which can transport different types of oil at the same time, and can also increase the safety of the vehicle.

How to use fuel tanker trailer safer?


Types Of Fuel Tankers

Fuel tanker trailer, oil tanker trailer, asphalt trailer, petrol tanker.


Fuel tanker Truck Speifications: 

Different fuel tanker trailers have different sepcification and dimensions.


Fuel Tanker Trailer Capacity

30CBM-60CBM, 30000 Liters-60000 Liters. (According to your needs)


Fuel Tanker Trailer Parts:

1. One-piece axle head end cover, convenient installation, disassembly, convenient for management;At the same time and storage tanks.

2. Super strong carrying capacity, long life, low rolling resistance bearing, structure is compact and lightweight.

3. Axle design using extraversion one degree, tire force is more reasonable.

4. Special grease in any climate conditions of oil film has good uniformity and lubrication effect.

5. Bearing seal USES the rolling oil baffle ring structure design, installation simple and reliable sealing.

6. Soft, long life and non-asbestos brake shoe smooth braking, high friction, good thermal stability.

7. Between the brake shoe and support pin bayonet connection, convenient installation, automatic compensation, return quickly.

8. Local strengthening square shaft beam, torsional and flexural section coefficient is big, torsional and flexural capacity.

9. Tanker Trailer Fenders


Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale

Price: $12,000,00-39,000,00


Fuel Tanker Trailer Manufacturer

PANDA MECH is fuel tanker trailer manufacturer from China. PANDA is also asphalt trailer manufacturers. There are many oil transportation companies in the world that use our fuel tanker trailers. For example: Royal Dutch Shell, Aramco, BP, Total S.A., etc.


Why choose fuel tanker trailer manufacturer PANDA MECH?

1. PANDA MECH can make the fuel tanker trailer according to the customer's requirements.

2. Based on previous problems, we have made a lot of unique design for the fuel tanker trailer, making the fuel tanker trailer last longer and loading more.


Fuel Tanker Trailer Rental

Many people want to rent a fuel tanker truck. There are very few fuel tanker trailer rentals. You can look for some personal fuel tanker trailers. Their cars are sometimes used. The general company's fuel tanker truck is often used.