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LNG Transport trucks for sale


Do you know why many people choose LNG Transport trucks manufacturer PANDA? Because it is durable and has individual designs. We also have LNG Transport trailers for sale. Please Click on the article to read more.


What are LNG transport trucks?

LNG is liquefied natural gas, we generally refer to it as LNG.  LNG transport trucks are used for transport of natural gas


Lng transport truck images

lng tank semi carrier trailer

lng tank semi carrier trailer

lng tank semi carrier trailer


LNG transport trucks for sale:

ASME standard, lng tanker truck cost $45,500; (Different configurations have different prices)


LNG transport trailer specifications

 Brand Name  Panda natural gas trailers
 LNG carrier trailer Size  8590×2500×3500 mm
 Tare weight  8680KG
 LNG trailer Axles  2×13 TON FUWA Axles, 5 axle LNG trailer
 Tire  12R22.5 Factory or Triangle Brand
 LNG trailer capacity  30-60CBM, 8000-16000 gallons
 Certification  BV,SASAO,DOT,ADR
 Suspension system  Leaf spring suspension 13*90*10
 LNG tanker trailer Tire  8pcs,Brand : Linglong,12R22.5
 Kingpin  3.5″,bolt-on ,in rubbing plate, fabricated
 Material  Steel
 Place of Origin  Shandong, China
 Stain Proofing  Sandblasting with twice anticorrosive prime
 King Pin  2″(50mm)or3.5″(90mm) JOST
 LNG tank trailer chassis  Q345 or T700 high strength bao steel material
 Brake system  Dual-line with KT Dual-line with KTL valve WABCO optional
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Application of LNG transport truck trailer

As the most important tool for land transportation of LNG, LNG tanker has been widely used because of its strong flexibility and economy. There are three main types of liquefied natural gas tank trucks used in my country: LNG trailer and LNG container tanker and LNG tanker truck.

Generally speaking, LNG trailer and LNG container trailer are used for long-distance transportation, and LNG tanker truck is used for short-distance transportation.


LNG transport trailer manufacturers:

PANDA is LNG transport truck manufacturers from China. Panda has sold LNG transport trailers in many countries. Mainly in Tanzania, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and other African countries and Southeast Asia, Central Asian countries.

LNG Transport Truck capacity volume:

59.6 CBM


LNG transport trailer pressure:

Panda’s LNG tanker truck is vacuum insulated cryogenic pressure transfer semi-trailers designed for performance.


LNG transport trailer design:

withstand 30 PSIG external pressure per CGA 341


LNG transport trailer for rent:

If you need LNG trailers for rent, you can contact us, maybe we can help you find LNG trailers rent. Panda product cannot provide rental LNG transport trailer.

LNG transport trailer cost:

You can choose the lng tanker trailer capacity you need according to your needs, to give you a quote.

LNG transport trailer

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