40′ Flatbed Tractor Trailers For Sale



Type: flatbed trailer

Price Range: $7,990-19,500

Delivery: 7-25 days

Load capacity: 20-60 ton

Application: bulk cargo, container


Flatbed tractor trailers as known as flatbed semi trailers, flatbed truck trailers. A flatbed tractor truck trailer is a semi-trailer with a container structure. Mainly used in logistics systems supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport.

40 Feet flatbed tractor trailers images

40 foot flatbed tractor trailer for sale

3 axle 40 foot flatbed tractor trailer for sale

triple axle flatbed semi truck trailers for sale

tri axle 40 footer flatbed tractor trailer for sale

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40Ft flatbed tractor trailers drawing

40' flatbed tractor trailers drawing

40ft flatbed truck trailer drawing

40′ flatbed tractor trailer specification

The following is mainly about flatbed trailer specifications, dimensions, capacity, and part, flatbed semi trailer width length, and flatbed semi trailer weight.

 Manufacturer  Panda Mech 40 ft flatbed tractor trailer
 Axles  2-4 axles BPW/SAF/FUWA Brand
 Flatbed trailer dimensions  12500 / 13500×2500×1500 mm.
 40 FT flatbed trailer capacity  two containers, 34 ton
 Flatbed trailer weight  7-9 ton
 Twist lock  8-12 sets
 Material  Main beams Q345B, upper flange:14mm, middle:8mm, down:16mm
 King Pin  2 inch or 3.5 inch JOST Brand
 Chassis  3mm,4mm,6mm, carbon steel or aluminum alloy
 Suspension  Mechanical, air, bogie
 Tire  11.00R20, 12.00R20,12R22.5, 385/65R22.5 Triangle/Hankook/ Bridgestone brand
 Brake System  WABCO Valve with big chamber
 Flatbed trailer parts  Mudguard, Ladder, 1 standard toolbox, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint, Polyurethane paint, Landing gear, 9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim, Fire extinguisher, 4-inch Pneumatic bottom valve, 500mm Aluminum alloy manhole cover, Q345/6mm steel sheet, conforming ADR (According to customer needs).

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Flatbed tractor trailers application

Panda Mech produces the high-quality 3 axles 40ft flatbed semi trailer for carrying 40ft container, 20ft container, and bulk cargo.

The 40ft semi-flatbed trailer can carry loads of 40-ton machines and cargos. We can provide different configurations of our flatbed semi-trailer to meet your transportation requirement.

Flatbed tractor trailers advantage

Highly robust structure steel with tensile and high load capacity, 40-ton loading capacity.

Heavy-duty type mechanical spring suspension for high loads of requirements needs.

Length and width of lowbed available custom made

Air suspension and bogie suspension is an option.

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20/40/45/53 Ft flat bed trailers dimensions

20Ft flatbed semi trailer dimensions: 11500x2500x1500 mm

40 Ft flatbed truck trailer dimensions: 12500 / 13500x2500x1500 mm

45 Feet flatbed tractor trailer dimensions: 13700x2500x1500 mm

53 Foot flatbed trailer dimensions: 16000x2500x1500 mm


extendable flatbed trailer

drawbar flatbed trailer

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