10 Car Carrier Trailer



Type: 3 axle car carrier trailer for sale

Price: $16,000-26,000

Delivery: 7-25 days

Lifting system: Hydraulic lifting system and suspension system

Application: transport car


According to the appearance, the car carrier trailer is further divided into a frame type, a side curtain cloth type, a mesh net type, a mask type, and a roof can be equipped with a movable roof. Before and after the vehicle, a front guard or a rear door can be equipped.

10 Car carrier trailer video

10 car carrier trailer specification

Type  10 car hauler
Function Transportation of cars
Overall dimension 14200*2500*3800 mm
Loading weight 40 ton
King pin 90# or 50#
Landing leg 2 pcs
Axle brand FUWA
Axle nos. 2 pcs
Axle load 13 ton
Tire model 12R22.5
Tire nos. 12 pcs
Brake system Dual line braking system /ABS
Tool box 2 unit
Spare wheel carrier 2 units
Side marker lamp LED type
Voltage 24V
Receptacle 7 ways (7 wire harness)

10 Car carrier trailer Images

car carrier trailer

car carrier trailer

car carrier trailer

Panda Mech

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10 car hauler trailers for sale

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