How to Transport Cement? 4 Ways & Attention

Cement transportation is usually simple and usually done using a semi-trailer. However, there are several different ways of storing cement and, therefore, several different ways of transporting it.

white cement
white cement

1. Bulk transportation

Bulk cement transportation is the most commonly used method as the economy grows.

50cbm cement bulker


1. large quantities of cement can be transported simultaneously, and it is easier to store. It is well sealed, and the cement can be stored for a long time, which is very suitable for some construction projects.

2. Cement can be loaded and unloaded very quickly.


The price of cement tanker trailer for transporting bulk cement is higher.

2. Bagged cement transportation

Bagged cement is a common cement transportation method used 15 years ago. As the name suggests, the cement is loaded in bags and then transported by flatbed semi-trailer or side wall trailer.



It is more suitable for some small construction projects.


1. bagged cement is more serious for environmental pollution dust, transportation efficiency is relatively low, needs a lot of labor, and harms the human body.

2. Cannot meet the needs of large-scale projects.

3. One-ton package cement transportation

Another way of cement storage is the one-ton package, which can use a forklift or crane handling to avoid the problem of dust, but the efficiency is relatively low.

One-ton package cement transportation

4. Concrete transportation

Concrete is the product after the processing of cement. It is mixed with water and cement and then transported by mixer trucks. Concrete is also one of the common materials used in construction projects.

Concrete transportation

What are the costs of transporting cement?

Cement is usually transported in cement trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, or mixer trucks, which cost a certain amount of money.

If we need to use semi-trailers for a long period, then we should buy semi-trailers. If it is a short-term project, we can consider renting them.

At the same time, whether we are buying semi-trailers or renting semi trailers, there is a maintenance cost.

The cost of purchasing a semi trailer is between 10,000 and 20,000 USD, while the cost of renting a semi trailer is between 150 and 250 USD per day. Please consult with the relevant staff for details.

What are the precautions for transporting cement?

Cement is a very important product in the construction site, so we must pay attention to some problems in the transportation process. so, what problems are easily encountered in the cement transportation process?

55cbm cement truck 9
55cbm cement truck 9

1. Solidification

The most common problem of cement is coagulation, especially when it comes into contact with rain or when the weather is humid, you should pay attention to this problem both in transportation and storage.

We have to make sure that the semi trailer and the warehouse where the cement is stored are absolutely dry.

2. Pollution

The containers where the cement is transported and stored should be cleaned regularly to avoid contamination of the newly added cement, which may affect the quality of the cement.

3. Temperature

Cement easily deteriorates under high temperatures, but normally, no such problem exists. We should pay attention not to putting the cement in place where the temperature is too high.

4. Check cement trailer

If we use a cement trailer to transport bulk cement, we must check it first, including the airtightness test of the tank, whether there is any crack in the tires, and both loading and unloading must follow the process strictly. We suggest you read how to load and unload the cement trailer.

5. Check the warehouse

If a warehouse is used for storing cement, it must be dry, clean, ventilated, and, most importantly, easy to use. A silo is also an important storage place for cement and must be kept dry.


There are four types of cement transportation in general: bagged cement transportation, bulk cement transportation, cement bag transportation, and concrete transportation. Each type of transportation has its advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used way of cement transportation is cement trailer transportation, which is high efficiency, low price, and safe. If you have any more questions about cement transportation, you can leave a comment below to discuss together.