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How does a pneumatic dry bulk trailer work?

What is a cement bulker?

Cement bulker is known as a pneumatic trailer, dry bulker tanker, cement tanker, lime powder tanker.

Cement bulker trailer is composed of a running system, loading tank, air system, and unloading system. It is suitable for bulk transportation of dry powder materials (diameter ≤ 0.1mm), such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali, etc.

The vertical unloading height reaches 15m, and the horizontal conveying distance reaches 5m. Cement bulkers are widely used in cement factories, cement warehouses and large construction sites.

what is cement bulker trailer
wheat flour tanker

Generally speaking, the cement trailer is usually used in cement plants, construction sites, etc. It is a special vehicle, which is widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, power plants, construction, and so on. Cement bulkers can reduce much cost in packaging and unloading.

How does a pneumatic dry bulk trailer work?

The working principle of the pneumatic tanker is that the engine transmits power to the air compressor through the transmission device, compressed air enters the tank, and the powder material is fluidized through the fluidized bed.

When the pressure reaches 0.2Mpa, due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank, the powder materials are transported along with the air to the designated position outside the tank through the discharging pipe. Fast discharging and low residual ash rate are the advantages. Related: how does a dry bulk trailer work?

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cement bulker trailer

How to load a pneumatic cement tank trailer

  • 1. Open the pressure relief valve first and discharge the remaining compressed air in the tank.
  • 2. Open the filling manhole cover and place the filter.
  • 3. Start loading cement into the tank.
  • 4. After loading, wipe off the cement on the sealing ring and then close the manhole cover tightly.
  • 5. Close the pressure relief valve, check the valves such as the discharging butterfly valve to prevent cement leakage during transportation.

How to discharge the cement trailer

1. Connect with the discharge pipe, put the sealing ring when connecting with the discharge pipe. Open the front and rear air inlet valves. Close the pressure relief valve, external air source valve, secondary blowing valve, and discharging butterfly valve.

2. Start the engine and the air compressor smoothly. Then gradually give more fuel, so that the air compressor can reach the rated speed and inflate the cement tank.

3. When the pressure rises to about 0.15MPa, open the secondary auxiliary blow valve to clear the discharging pipe, make sure that the discharging pipe is not blocked, and then close the secondary auxiliary blow valve.

How to discharge the cement trailer
cement tanker trailer

4. When the pressure rises to 0.2MPa, open the discharging butterfly valve to start discharging.

5. When the pressure drops to about 0.02MPa and becomes stable, the cement in the tank is almost fully discharged and the warehouse is started to be cleaned.

6. Close the front air intake valve and just make the rear air intake valve work. Observe the pressure gauge. If the pressure rises, it indicates that there is still residual material at the rear of the tank. After the pressure rises and then falls back to and keeps about 0.02MPa, it indicates that the rear part is unloaded.

If the pressure does not rise again, the rear part has been discharged. After confirming that there is no material left at the rear of the tank, open the front intake valve, and close the rear valve to clean the remaining material at the front of the tank. Similarly, observe the pressure gauge.

If the pressure value rises, it indicates that there is still material in the front of the tank. When the pressure rises and falls to and keeps at about 0.02MPa, it indicates that the front is cleaned. If the pressure does not increase, there is no material left in the front.

7. After confirming that there is no material left at the front or the rear of the tank, turn off the engine, stop the air compressor, open the pressure relief valve, close the discharging butterfly valve, remove the discharge quick connector, and return the discharge pipes to the vehicle. Finish unloading.

What is the difference between a cement bulker truck and a concrete truck?

Cement bulker trailers are usually called cement transport trailers, also called cement bulk loader. Cement is transported in bulk state in big tanks (not in bags). It is usually discharged through the pipeline with the help of air compressor.

The concrete truck transports the prepared concrete mixture to the construction site. It is also called a truck mixer or transport mixer (TM) or concrete mixer. The drum mounted on the truck is a concrete mixer with blades inside. The raw materials required for the concrete are filled into the TM and transported to the working site.

What does a pneumatic trailer do?

The working method of the pneumatic trailer is to make compressed air into the pipeline and then into the powder tank, in order to do the unloading work. Therefore, the pneumatic trailer can be used to haul various dry powder materials.

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