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3 Axle 60 Ton Low Loader Trailer Will Be Send To Tanzania

Our customer in Tanzania is our old customer, every year will purchase semi-trailers from Panda Mech, this time need to buy 1 unit of cheap low loader trailer, the customer based on trust in us, not too much communication, just simple communication specifications and prices, and then placed a deposit.

Because the customer is a long-time customer, we also gave the user a lot of upgraded configurations, and send a lot of accessories, so as to ensure that the cheap lowboy trailers have a longer life and longer use.

60 ton cheap low loader trailer for sale

3 axle 60 ton cheap low loader trailer for sale in Tanzania


Cheap low loader trailer application

Panda cheap low loader trailer is widely used, mainly for medium and long-distance transportation, common transportation equipment includes heavy vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and other heavy cargo.

Panda Mech is a professional cheap low loader trailer supplier, we supply different low bed trailers to many countries, we have rich experience in low bed truck trailers, we can control the quality and cost better, help users earn more profit. Panda Mech lowboy trailer is available in 20 ton, 30 ton, 50 ton, 70 ton, 80 ton, 120 ton 200 ton, and other load capacities, and the axles can be from 2 to 10 axles.

60 ton cheap low loader trailer for sale

3 axle 60 ton cheap low loader truck semi trailer for sale in Tanzania


Panda cheap low loader trailer advantage

Suitable for countries with height restrictions

Many countries have limited height, which makes it impossible to pass through many places if the height is too high. By lowering the height of the cheap low loader trailer, it can ensure safe passage through the limited height area.

60 ton cheap low loader trailer for sale

3 axle cheap low loader trailer for sale in Tanzania


Compared with other lowboy trailers, the Panda cheap low loader trailer has a better deck and a lower center of gravity, so when transporting heavy equipment, the Panda cheap lowboy trailer is also more stable.


The cheap low loader trailer is designed for transporting heavy equipment. The whole is made of rigid-strength steel material and can withstand the pressure of 700mpa.
The height of the main beam is 550mm, which is more firm and safe as a whole.

60 ton cheap low loader trailer for sale

60 ton cheap low loader trailer for sale


Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a manufacturer of 3 axles cheap low loader trailer from China. We have extensive experience in 3 axle lowboy trailer manufacturing. We offer a variety of 3 axle cheap lowboy trailer for sale. We can customize it according to your needs. We have achieved success in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya…


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Whether you have a need for semi trailers or a question about semi trailers, you are welcome to contact us at any time and look forward to your patronage. Panda Mech will provide you with 24-hour online services.

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