Bulk Cement Trailers Shipped to Uzbekistan

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Mr. Sanchez, from Uzbekistan, is an expert on cement trailer R&D, which means he owns many of the manufacturers’ specifications, prices, delivery times, and even pros and cons. So at the very beginning, he just gave me one question: what’s the cost of your 50 ton cement tanker trucks?

I asked him the dimension of her cargo, but he stopped me and told me that he was an engineer of cement semi trailers and now has his own company in Uzbekistan, so he knows cement tankers very well, and the 50 tons tanker is precisely what he needs.

Then we confirm the quantity he needs and the details like tank material, manhole cover, suspension…Soon we shared with him the quotation, but to our surprise, there is no response then, but I knew he must be shopping around.

Bulk Cement Trailers Shipped to Uzbekistan
50 ton cement bulker trailers for sale in Uzbekistan

Thirteen days later, he sent us a message to ask for a discount. “For this specification and quantity of semis I wanna buy, I think the price can be lower.”

We hadn’t raised the price for many years, but at that time, the cost of steel was surging, and the raw materials and the whole market wouldn’t allow us to do this. I explained and refused, then Mr. Sanchez disappeared again.

Since then, he also gave me small talk. “Maybe he’s still hesitating and didn’t give up?” I thought. Such communication lasted for almost 4 months.

It turned out I was right.

Bulk Cement Trailers Shipped to Uzbekistan
50 ton dry bulk cement semi trailers for sale in Uzbekistan

Cooperation reached:

27 days later, I received a phone call from WhatsApp. It’s Mr. Sanchez who asked me if he could have a visit to our factory 7 days later. He was leaving Uzbekistan and heading to China.

It’s 100% welcome! Then all things went well. He checked our production line, examined the finished cement trailers part by part, and even our R&D team held a meeting with him to discuss the techniques. When he got back to Uzbekistan, we received the order.

Bulk Cement Trailers Shipped to Uzbekistan
50 ton cement truck trailers for sale in Uzbekistan

Later after the deal, he told us his tour to China was to find the most reliable partner for the long term. Before he arrived at us, he had visited 5 cement trailer factories, but our cement truck trailer is the most economical one. We apply the selected material, connect the structure with precise welding, and use high-quality spare parts. Though we are not the cheapest cement bulk trailers, our cement tanker trailers can serve longer, which is the most cost-saving compared to others.