85T 70m³ Cement Bulker Ready to Ship to Tanzania!

This white bulky cement bulker trailer is ordered by our customer, who has established long-term cooperation since 2011 in Tanzania. To be honest, he is an expert on cement bulker trailers and knows lots of trailer manufacturers in China. This year he planned to expand his transportation staff, covering fields of construction, power stations, and mines in Tanzania, so he needs cheap cement bulker trailers with also good quality. Due to the long-term cooperation, he trusts us for our good price and high quality, so last month he ordered more tank semi trailers of 85 tons of 70m³.

The trip to our factory is to do the final inspection before the trailer shipment. Today we invited the engineer from the quality assurance department, this is also a necessary action to guarantee our cement tank trailer tanker quality and driving safety.

85 Tons Cement Tanker
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How Do We Inspect the Cement Bulk Trailer?

Generally speaking, there are 6 parts to this process: 

Air-cooling Engine

The Panda dry bulk cement tanker trailer applies Deutz air-cooling engine with a screw compressor.

Usually, we will check 3 points with the engine on. The first one is to guarantee a normal startup. The second one is to check if the engine is overheating after a long work, and the last one is if the warning light can monitor the engine temperature and cooling system.

The Deutz air compressor is a famous brand with world-leading unloading efficiency ( of 1.5t/min). The advantages that will greatly impress you are its superior quality and long service life. In the process of working, the air will be pushed into the tanker, then can unload the cement quickly, which will save your time for the next transportation. So if you run a large transportation team, such details will greatly improve your transportation efficiency,  save time and labor cost, and finally create more profit day by day. (PTO cement tanker)

85 Ton cement bulker trailer Tanzania

Air Tightness of the Cement Bulker

For this part, we usually paint a developer on the welding seam of the cement tanker truck semi trailer to check the leak proofness. The air-tightness is related to so many functions on trailers that will greatly influence your working efficiency. One is the unloading speed. With perfect impermeability, the air pressure can push the cement powder out quickly and steadily. The other is the cement drying while in transportation. As we all know, cement is easy to moistured. With a seamless tanker, the cement powder can keep in dry condition and avoid air pollution in the process of loading, transporting, and unloading.

Valves of cement bulker trailer

To guarantee the tightness of the cement tank trailer, we always check if the system can reach the required pressure by calibrating the pressure relief valves, then, make sure the system won’t be over the maximum pressure. If this happens, it also means a valve failure. Finally, check if the pressure relief valve is leaking. This factor is always related to the plug of the balance hole, the malfunction of the spring, or just the valve is loose. If all these three checks pass, the valves can be said up to standard.

In addition, Panda cement powder tanker applies brass ball valves as well as butterfly bumpers, such a combination can guarantee a long-time service for all the valves. The double safety valve, on the other hand, can also offer you double security.

85 Ton cement tanker trailer Tanzania

Axles and Tires Is the Basis of Cement Tanker Trailer

The axles issue and tire issue are closely related, because when the axles are installed incorrectly, it will cause heavy tire wearing, and finally you have to change both of them. So we often check them in the meantime.

The center of this step is to align the axless, to set the wheel and tires in the optimum position so that the cement bulker trailer can maximize its damping ability. First, we will check the leaf spring assembly, inspect the U-bolts and retainer brackets thoroughly, then check the bent wheel rim, tire pressure, and worn thread, both two steps can set the basis for trailers performance.

Safety Chains Cannot Be Ignored

In many companies, safety chains may not be written on the checklist for it seems subtle for the whole cement powder tanker. But the truth is, if cracks happen, it will be 100% responsible to decrease the risk of an accident, so Panda will never ignore these details. 

In this step, we will check if the safety chains are damaged or get loose. Then we must cross the chains to make it a simple cradle to bear the beam in case it’s broken, and finally, make sure to keep the chains 3-4 inches on top of the road.

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85 Ton cement truck trailer Tanzania

In Panda, the cheap price and quality of the cement bulker vehicle can never be the one or the other. We are on the top of the China trailer manufacture list and have got cooperation from numerous companies in Tanzania. The best thing is, our cement tanker trailer is the hottest product in our brochure so now we have established the most thorough cement trailer techniques and service system for the after-sale services. 

If you still have questions about our inspection process, welcome to contact us for further discussion, we’d love to show you details to show how responsible we are. Also, if you need a quotation for the cement bulk trailer or any other kinds, please feel free to contact us, we will reply asap.