45KL Oil Tanker Trailers at Port Ready to Philippines

Recently, there are 36 oil tankers standing in line at the port. They are ready to go to the Philippines to help push our client’s business forward with the best quality.

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank Trailers

According to the information, the owner of this order is our old friend from the Philippines, who has been engaged in the oil process and transportation for more than 20 years. As a leader in the Philippines’ transportation industry, he is always a prudent man on product selection, and fortunately, Panda’s products are in his preference all the time. Since the establishment of our cooperation in 2015, he has exported various semi trailer models from us, and this time he wanted to try the fuel tank trailer.

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank Trailers

These 36 fuel tanker trailers are of the air suspension system to fit in different road conditions. The great damping ability help to reduce the pressure on tires and the trailer’s bed, then increases the whole semi tanker’s service life. 

Cooperated with the air suspension, this batch of fuel tankers can also lift the front axle when the tankers’ are empty. For one thing, this design can save 10% oil consumption to save your cost. For another, it can also reduce tire wearing, then longer the service life.

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank

To protect the tanker body and prevent leakage, we have strengthened the tanker’s steel and the paint coat. The whole fuel tanker is made of Hardox steel, which is world-leading steel with high tensile to prevent torsion. We have added a layer of two-component polyurethane from the outside of the fuel tanker. This coating is anti-corrosive and anti-wearing to protect the cargo inside, then increase driving safety.

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank Trailers

Now the fuel tankers are packed up and covered with wax and rain cloth. They will arrive in the Philippines in a month in perfect condition. Panda hopes our fuel tanker trailers will help every customer develop their business in an even better fashion.