45000 Liter Fuel Tanker To Botswana

My story with this big brother started in July 2016. What he needed was a 45,000-liter refilling fuel tanker.  Before, it was all transported by fuel tanker trucks. Simple communication does not impress customers because they are not eager.

fuel tanker truck
fuel tanker truck

Later, in September, it was a coincidence that he sent me the inquiry again. We call it Destiny. The inquiry was sent to the same company and to the same sales. Both of us realized it was amazing. This time he told me that he need urgent, and asked our company name again. This time our PANDA name has deep impressed by the customer.

The next communication went smoothly, but customers think that our price did not have an advantage, beyond his budget. Because we have pictures for every detail of our profession, after compared with other suppliers, he knows that PANDA quality more easily meets his requirements and makes a decision. The real communication took 6 days, and the customer paid the deposit after making the decision.

fuel tanker trailer
fuel tanker trailer

Because of the urgency, we placed the customer’s order in the front, manufactured it in 25 days; shipped it by the frame cabinet use 40 days, The customer received his own fuel tank before his transportation contract.

tanker trailer to Gambia
tanker trailer to Gambia

After simply consulting us on how to use it correctly, he can’t wait to start his own business.

After receiving the tanker, the customer told to me frankly: he was not really short of the hundreds of dollars, but too hard to find a supplier with reliable quality. There are too many suppliers in China, and it is still difficult to distinguish which is good and which is bad. He was very happy that he chose us at the time because after receiving the tanker, we can reply to him with any questions in the first time.

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