4 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer Ready Sent to Costa Rica

It Begins with the Search Engine…

Our partner, from Costa Rica, encountered us through our official network. At first, he just know he need a flatbed semi to transport heavy machines, but for which model to choose, he got no idea.

So he sent us a message through WhatsApp. As usual, we asked him about the cargo he needed to carry, the local policy for cargo height, the dimension of the cargo as well as the size of the loading and unloading place. Luckily he had all these numbers in mind, which helped save a lot of time. Then we suppose he didn’t know much of the flat bed semi trailer, so we straightforwardly recommend him our 4 axle flatbed trailer. However, he preferred single axle flatbed semis: “I think this capacity is enough for our transportation and this is cheap, so I can buy more at a time.”

But this is wrong. We explained that considering his cargo’s weight. The 2 axles are too weak to handle. Overloading will lead to heavy wearing for chassis and tires, and also cause low safety for drivers. 

Finally, he adopted our suggestions, and quickly the deposit had transferred to us.

40ft 4 axle flatbed semi trailer

40ft 4 axle flatbed semi trailer

How to Define a Flatbed Semi Trailer’s Quality?

Our partner’s worries are also other people’s. So today, let’s discuss what should you look for in buying a flat bed semi trailer. 


First, you can check the tire pressure. This is the basis of driving stability and safety. Take off the air valve cap and press your gauge to get a reading of each tire’s current PSI. Also, pay much attention to the tread depth in the case of refurbished tires. Usually, the tread depth should be of at least 2/32”, but for better performance and loading capacity, 6/32” or more is better. Panda has a full production line of flatbed semi trailer manufacturing and a sufficient supply of those spare parts. The whole flatbed semi is 100% brand-new when delivered to you.

tires of flat bed semi trailer

tires of flat bed semi trailer

Welding Seam

This detail almost tells you the ceiling of this flatbed semi. A good welding seam should be smooth, even, and full-covered (nearly seamless). This plays a significant part in transportation safety to avoid abrupt rupture. If you find a trailer in good welding condition, then mostly the whole semi trailer has been designed attentively.


Generally speaking, the Weichai Deutz diesel engine is the mainstream as well as the best engine on a platform semi trailer. It has already passed ISO certification to prove its rational design and higher working efficiency. It is powerful and reliable with a low maintenance rate. In the container flatbed design, Panda Mech has established long-term cooperation with it to provide durable power and lower your total cost.

platform semi trailer of 40ft

40ft platform trailer