3 Axle Lowbed Trailer Shipping to Southeast Asia

I contacted a customer in Southeast Asia on Google. A few months later, one night, the customer officially sent me an inquiry invitation and gave me his specific needs. Based on the principle of “customer first, first-time positive response”, I had an in-depth communication with the customer on his specific needs that day. The next morning, after confirming all the details by phone again, I immediately gave a plan and quotation. The customer was very satisfied with our response speed and professional customized plan, and expressed great satisfaction with this purchase.

3 axle lowbed trailer shipping to southeast asia1

In the next few days, customers suddenly started to talk coldly and stopped responding to my messages. I began to think about whether the customers didn’t trust us enough. Sure enough, one day I received a phone call from a Chinese girl who called herself a friend of the customers. She specially called to help the customers verify the identity of our company and convey the customers’ concerns about us. We explained all the customers’ questions to the girl in detail.

Later, I introduced the case of our customer reference and close service in the customer’s country to the customer by email, hoping to give the customer another channel to know about Panda. In any case, the customer is doing the right thing, and we are willing to provide the contact information of any customer to let the customer know what kind of supplier Panda is.

3 axle lowbed trailer shipping to southeast asia2

In recent years, PANDA has been deeply cultivating the Southeast Asian market, with fruitful results. Apart from PANDA’s excellent product quality, the market in Southeast Asia can achieve gratifying results, which are inseparable from its sincere customer service. The customer’s business is no small matter. Because of this, PANDA is favored by the Southeast Asian market, and the good news is frequently reported.

Finally, the customer was moved by our sincerity and strength, and signed a purchase contract with Panda. After receiving the low tablet a few months later, the customer happily shared the photos with us, and gave a high evaluation of our product quality, becoming another loyal customer in the Southeast Asian market.