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2022 Best 10 Lowbed Trailer Manufacturers

To be honest, choosing the best lowbed trailer is never easy. The materials, the services, the production technology, the customization support and the delivery time are all we need to consider when choosing a lowbed trailer. Today let’s explore 10 best lowbed trailer manufacturers around the globe and hope you will find the perfect one to boots your business.

1. Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a world-famous semi trailer manufacturer established in 2002. With the quick development in the past 20 years, they have developed a full production flow to guarantee supplies. The lowbed semi trailer is one of the star products in Panda Mech. There are 4 types of lowboy semi trailers includes ordinary low bed semi trailer, gooseneck lowbed semi trailer, detachable low boy semi trailer, and the folding neck lowbed trailer (newly developed product this year). The load capacity varies from 20-120 tons to easily deal with heavy construction machines. In here you can also customized your lowbed trailer no matter the number of axles or the trailer’s dimension, which makes this brand the best choice for most semi trailer buyers.

The services are another point that impresses customers around the globe. From the pre-sales to the after-sales, they are equipped with a professional team and you will get the solutions in 7/24.

low bed truck trailer manufacturer - Panda Mech

low bed truck trailer manufacturer – Panda Mech

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2. Fountain

This is a semi trailer manufacturer focuses on customization. They are specialized in providing services for customers with innovative solutions according to specific needs. In this way you will only find few but good-quality lowboy trailers in fountain. For the lowboy, it classify them into 2 types: the workhorse and the magnitude. The workhorse is used to carry 50-55 tons cargo and the magnitude is to transport 55-80 tons, which is quite brilliant in heavy-duty transportation industry.

lowboy trailer manufacturer supplier - fountain

lowboy trailer manufacturer supplier

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3. DLT Group

DLT Group is a professional semi trailer factory exported to South Africa. Their lowbed semi trailer covers load capacity from 20 tons to 140 tons, and the 40 tons and 80 tons are the most popular among their products. The lowbed trailer in DLT is usually with 3 or 4 axles and customization is not avaiblable yet.

For more details, DLT can provide3 types of lowbed trailer: the normal lowbed trailer, the gooseneck lowbed trailer and the detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer. You can choose to change the trailer’s bed from iron plate to wooden plate, then to reduce the dead weight. So if you have clear requirement and don’t need tailor-made models, DLT can be good choice.

lowboy truck trailer manufacturer - DLT Group

lowboy truck trailer manufacturer

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4. Rota Trailer

The Rota have a long product list from tanker semi trailer to the CNG semi trailer, but for the lowbed model, it can only offer 1 type but with a pretty good quality. As you will find in his page, there is only on model of the lowbed trailer–the gooseneck lowbed trailer.

The trailer is with 4 axles, 7860mm in length and extendable of 5200mm. The gross weight is 115 tons and can carry 85 tons cargo. Considering the transportation stability and load capacity, such configuration has a quite good performance to guarantee working efficiency.

low bed truck semi trailer manufacturer - Rota Trailer

low bed truck semi trailer manufacturer

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5. Global Trailers

global trailers is a famous brand from USA, and it is good at customizing heavy haul lowbed trailers. Compared to Rota trailer, the global trailers has abundant types of semi trailers, especially for the lowboys. According to the load capacity, there are 3 levels: the 35-40 tons, the 50-55 tons, the 60-80 tons and extendable type. In each level there are standard model, paver model, beavertail model and the agricultural. You must find the satisfactory one in global trailers. (related: detachable lowbed trailer)

low loader truck trailer manufacturer - Global Trailers

low loader truck trailer manufacturer

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6. Vertra Trailer

Vertra Trailer is a company located in Turkey and majored in agricultural trailers and different kind of semi trailers. Their products can be classified as self-steering axles, forced steering axles, hydraulic auto remote control axles, low chassis to 20 cm, etc. The lowbed trailers in here include 2 to 10 axle semi trailer, from the lightweight 20 tons to heavy-duty 120 tons. You can customize your lowbed trailers in Vertra. For the axle brand, there are MPD, BPW, SAF, VALX, GIGANT to choose from. And the suspension systems can be air spring suspension system or mechanical suspension system (or also called “leaf spring”).

lowbed semi truck trailer manufacturer - Vertratrailer

lowbed semi truck trailer manufacturer

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7. Wizco

wizco is a Florida brand famous for the removable gooseneck models. It has 3 kinds of lowbed trailers of more than 20 specifications on load capacity and specifications. The loading capacity can be lower as 20 tons and higher as 60 tons, which is a good choice for customers who need medium-sized low boy trailers.

lowboy semi tractor trailer manufacturer - Wizco

lowboy semi tractor trailer manufacturer

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8. Faymonville

Faymonville is an independent family company that is professional at manufacturing low loader, lowbed trailer and flatbed trailers. The trailers are especially good at doing heavy-duty work.

In Faymonville you will find 6 series of lowbed trailers in total–the MegaMAX, the GigaMAX, the VarioMAX, the VarioMAX Plus, the MultiMax and the MultiMAX Plus. Each series can also be divided into several models to fit in different situations. Truth to be told, it has the widest range of lowbed trailer models. They can be used for various industries such as construction, agriculture, forestry, etc.

lowbed semi trailer manufacturer - Faymonville

lowbed semi trailer manufacturer

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9. Supral Trailer

Supral Trailer is an expert on semi trailer manufacturing from China and can provide special lowbed trailers as well. The low bed in here mainly included four type: the gooseneck low bed trailer, the extendable low boy trailer, the advanced lowboy trailer and container trailer. These cover the four basic models, which makes it a good choice for customers need basic models.

The Supraltrailer uses hydraulic suspension, air suspension and mechanical suspension of multi axles. The hydraulic type can lift up each axle independently and the air suspension can be adjusted according to the situation. Also it provide customization to extend the usage of it.

lowbed truck trailer factory - Supral Trailer

lowbed truck trailer manufacturer

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10. Martin Trailer

Martin Trailer Company offers a wide variety of lowbed trailers to complete heavy haulage work. The lowbeds in here are of T-1 high-strength steel, equipped with the good-quality running gears, which makes the lowbeds quite sturdy to work for several years.

Martin mainly manufactures 2 types of lowbed trailers. One is the conventional model  that has rear loading step deck, another is the more popular model of front loading with hydraulic removable gooseneck, which is higher than the conventional one on loading speed and transportation safety.

lowbed truck semi trailer manufacturer - martin trailer

lowbed truck semi trailer manufacturer

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Both the two types can be customized in size according to your needs. The maximum length is 40 meters and load capacity is 600 tons. Manufactured from South Africa factory, the delivery time might be longer, but it’s worth waitting.

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