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50T Detachable Lowboy Trailer

Panda Mech is detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer manufacturer from China. We supply detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers for sale. We can customize according to your needs.
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Detachable lowbed trailer images

2 axle detachable lowbed trailer

50t detachable lowboy trailer

50t detachable lowboy trailer

Lowboy trailer structure configuration takes effect

The low, detachable gooseneck trailer is ideal for handling and transporting large mobile devices. This can be done due to its lower trailer chassis or frame and gooseneck function.

The most important thing to note is that there is a moving wheel placed backward on the trailer chassis.

The following are the most important parts of using low-profile trailers to increase operational efficiency.

First, there are two interlocking primary link hook pairs.


Movable gooseneck trailer

The trailer assembly can be lowered and raised by using an asynchronous hydraulic ram. They operate between the trailer chassis and the gooseneck towards the rear of the hook tip.

There is also usually a pair of thrust bearing blocks and a pair of safety hooks between the trailer and the gooseneck.

This is to keep it in good working order. In order to maintain a good interconnection of the main coupling hooks, a pair of coupling locking pins are used.

In addition, there is a retractable safety pin that holds the interconnection between the trailer base and the gooseneck's hydraulic tappet attachment.

The push rod function perfectly locks the thrust load block under load under normal operating conditions.

The control assembly of the trailer assembly is placed on a portion of the assembly to enhance safe operating procedures.


Differences between Detachable and Common Lowboy Trailers

The main difference between loading a movable gooseneck low-profile trailer and a conventional low-profile trailer is that the movable gooseneck trailer loads equipment or cargo from the front.

Ideally, the movable gooseneck trailer is complex to operate, but the equipment/goods are easily driven on the trailer. The equipment is safer and more stable during loading, transportation and unloading.

Low bed trailer with exposed tires

Unlike a detachable gooseneck low trailer, a conventional low bed trailer is loaded from the rear. Essentially, the equipment should be driven on the trailer through the ramp of the low bed trailer.

This provides a simple operation, but any equipment or equipment that is transported needs to be carefully driven on the trailer.


Lowboy trailer design features and operating dynamics

When the trailer assembly is brought back to the working position for towing, the thrust load bearing attachment (especially the building block) is located between the trailer base and the gooseneck, behind the main coupling member.

This means that there is sufficient thrust or compression load between the trailer base and the gooseneck at that location to create a couple of force through the connecting components and to maintain the trailer base and the gooseneck in their exact relative positions.

The trailer has a detachable pin that is of a retractable pin to attach the ram feature to the trailer base.

Once the slider is at its thrust bearing point, pressure is applied to the ram member to retract it, and a force is applied between the trailer chassis and the gooseneck through the thrust block, thereby improving reliability during impact and vibration caused by running. Sex and safety.

Transport bulldozers via detachable gooseneck trailer

The safety of these operations is critical. To this end, a safety hook is provided in the region of the thrust block for interconnection between the trailer base and the gooseneck.

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