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What is Cement trailer?
Cement trailer, also known as cement tanker,bulk cement tanker trailer, cement truck trailer, silo trailer, is main used to transport flyash,dry bulk, cement, lime powder, ore powder and other granular dry materials with a particle diameter of not more than 0.1mm.
The unloading method is pneumatic discharge, and . When the vertical discharge  is 15m,  it can transported 5m horizontal,too. 
The cement trailer divide into single and multiple compartment,  users can choose according to their needs.
Cement tanker from Panda:
As Panda trailer we offer a wide range of Cement Trailers with different specification and different capacities with electric engines for sale.
Bulk cement tanker capacity:
40 ton, 50 ton, 60 ton, 70 ton, 80 ton, If you don't have what you need, you can contact us to customize.
Contact us:
If you have any needs about cement trailer, please leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.