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Water Tanker Semi Trailer for sale

Water tank semi-trailer also is known as spray tanker, water truck, green sprinkler, road sprinkler, multi-purpose sprinkler, landscaping sprinkler tanker.
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Water tanker trailers used for transporting water and drinking water.

Water tanker trailers capacity 30-60 KL, 30,000-60,000 liters, 8000-16000 gallons.


3 Axle 50 KL water tanker semi trailer specifications

3 Axle Water Tanker Semi Trailer body parameter Water tank semi trailer dimension 13500*2500*3650mm, 44*8*12 ft
Curb weight (kg) Approx 9900
Payload(kg) Approx 40000kg
Tank material &thickness(mm)   inner 5mm Food grade stainless steel, middle 80mm foam insulation layer, outside 2mm ordinary, Brushed shape stainless
Water tanker semi trailer capacity 50 kl, 50000 liters, 10998 gallons
 standard configuration  with one PIC automatic cleaning device, food-grade valve, and interface, ventilation valve on the top of the tank,  five 3'' stainless steel outlet on the rear of the tank, one spare tire carrier, one toolbox, one rear ladder, etc
Water Tanker Semi Trailer Chassis parameter Axle 3
Axle load(Kg) 13000
Suspension type FUWA Leaf spring suspension
Brakes 4-channel air brake compressed air brake
electrical 24V, with  pneumatic fittings and seven pole socket
Material Steel, or aluminum
Tire type 12R22.5 or 11:00R20
Kingpin 3-1/2″ or 2-1/2''
Location Shandong, China


Water tanker semi trailers images

water tanker trailerswater tanker trailerswater tanker trailers


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Water tanker semi trailer manufacturer

PANDA MECH is a water tank semi trailer manufacturer from China. If you want to buy water tanker trailers, Please contact us.

There are many water tank trailer manufacturers in the world, such as another manufacturer, nane suppliers, wowo suppliers and so on. Different suppliers have different advantages,


Water tanker semi trailer for sale

Water tanker semi trailer price:$16,000-25,000. The water tanker trailer can be divided into water tanker trailer with pump and no pump, the price is different, the specific price is related to the model configuration.

45000 liters stainless steel water tanker trailers for sale: $15,000-20,000

39000L 4000L 45000L 46000L water tanker truck for sale: $$12,580.00 - $21,580.00

8000-gallon water tank trailer for sale, please contact us for the water tanker trailer price.


Water tanker trailer for rent

We don't rent a water tanker trailer, if you need it, we can help you find it.


Water tanker trailer comment

Jdf368: Can you tell me if I am building a water tanker trailer or buying a wat tanker trailer?

fg5236: I want a used small water tanker trailer, stainless steel, do you have it? How long does the used water tank semi trailers last?

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