Tipping Tilt Chassis Trailer For Containers



Type: 20 / 40 FT Tipping Tilt Chassis Trailer

Price Range: $10,000-22,900

Delivery: 7-25 days

Loading capacity: 17-40 ton

Applications: transport container


As tipping chassis trailer manufacturer, We offer trailer options for carrying 20/40/45ft and other size tilt chassis trailers.

Tipping chassis trailers are used for transporting ISO Container, ISO Tank, and refrigerated container.

Images of tilt chassis trailer

tipping chassis trailer

tilt chassis

Specification of tilt chassis trailer

Brand Panda Mech tipping chassis trailer
Feet 20 foot, 40′, 45 feet
Transport ISO Container, ISO Tank and refrigerated container
Chassis Q345 carbon steel from large steel factory, main beam height 500mm
Crossbeam Q235 channel steel
Dimension 7000-12000x2500x1550mm
Load weight 40 tons ~60 tons
Twist lock 4/8 units ISO lock braking
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Landing gear JOST E100,28T two-speed, manual operating
Painting Polyurethane paint, Complete chassis sandblasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anti-corrosion primer, 2 coats of final paint
Issue Fuwa brand, 2 * 13Ton axle, 8 holes, drum brake
Mechanical suspension with 10 leaf springs
Tire 80R22.5, 12R22.5
Wheel rim Steel rim 8.5-22.5 optionally available 12
Braking system Two-wire braking system, without ABS
Pivot 50mm, bolt-in type.
Electrical system raincoat
1 voltage 24v 2 Socket: 7-way (7-wire harness), Taillight with turn signals, brake lights and reflectors, side lamp, etc. A set of standard 6-conductor cables.

Features of tilt chassis trailer

1. Lightweight, strong frame structure;

2. Container lock with a secondary locking mechanism;

3. High-strength steel and bolt type main pin plate;

4. Double brake chambers can exert a braking effect.

Tilt chassis trailer manufacturer

PANDA MECH is tilt chassis trailer manufacturer from China. We supply kinds of volume tipping chassis trailers for sale. PANDA MECH manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire, etc…

Tilt chassis trailer for sale

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