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Stainless Tanker Trailers



From the pioneers of the smooth-wall, 180° round-bottom Frac Tank, Panda Mech’s Stainless Steel Tank Trailers offer the best choice for storing highly refined materials. Our Stainless Steel Tank Trailers offer 7,000 gallons of mobile storage capacity that is easier to clean and less likely to corrode than other storage tanks.

These tanks are ideal for storing de-mineralized water, highly pure materials, more corrosive materials, and highly refined products. Stainless Steel Tank Trailers offer the highest degree of protection from contamination by impurities.

Stainless tank trailer images

stainless tanker trailers


stainless steel tank trailer drawing
stainless steel tank trailer drawing

Stainless tank trailer specifications

Dimensions: Overall: 42’ long, 11’ high; 7,000-gallon capacity.

Manhole: 20” diameter full opening Betts 8310-LC-W, 6-lug with white Hypalon gasket in cover.

Vents: 4” Girard threaded pressure relief vent, 25 PSI MAWP, rated at a test pressure of 45PSI,

complete with a Teflon encapsulated O-ring; 4” Girard magnetic vacuum breaker and air inlet and gauge assembly.

Vent line: Vent line on tank bottom, (1) 3/4” SS vent line from spill dam to the rear of tank curbside.

ground level with SS ball valve and male Camlock fitting.

Thermometer: 0-250°F clip-on type, located curbside eye level near center of the tank, rear level gauge with digital readout and probe thermometer.

Hose carrier: (2) 8”x21’ aluminum hose tubes, mount one on each side.

Outlet valve: 3” SS QRB Hydrolet valve with 90° threaded outlet (Betts QR 713 SS-T)

Cleanouts: (2) 3” threaded nozzles in tank shell on the top centerline, locate max—6’ from head seams with solid caps.

Heat: Full-length T304SS channels, 150PSI design working pressure for steam and intrinsic heat.

Ladder: SS 18” wide with dimpled channel rungs, side handrails, platform type top step, located curbside.

Construction: Req. 5, Straight round, T316LSS-2B finish on shell and heads. D.O.T. overturn protection at ends of spill dam and beyond each cleanout. 6” fiberglass insulation compressed to 5.


  • Self-Contained Pump Package: Fruitland RC500 vacuum pump, 320 CFM@18” hg, 30 PSI pressure, belt drive, 55HP Deutz air-cooled engine w/clutch, all exhaust, and mufflers, mounted on a trailer and plumbed.
  • Hydraulic Drive Pump Package: Fruitland RC500 vacuum pump, 320 CFM@18” hg, 30 PSI pressure, belt drive, hydraulic drive motor, couplers, and hose, mounted and plumbed with oil catch muffler (25 GPM at 1000 RPM system requirement)
  • Suspension: Air Ride with manual dump valve or Single Point, 2 spring heavy duty Trunnion type

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