4 Axle Grain Tipper Trailer For Sale



Model: 4 axle grain tipper trailers

Price Range: USD 16,500-38,500

Delivery date: 7-25 days

Application: transport grain, foods

Tilt Angle: 45

Hydraulic system: HYVA cylinder


The 4-axle grain tipper trailer is designed for the transport and unloads agricultural products, such as grain, seeds, or fertilizer. It is typically used to transport large quantities of grain in the agricultural industry.

The grain dump trailer is built with a strong and durable structure that provides stability and weight distribution. To ensure the trailer’s quality and safety, it is subject to rigorous testing and inspection before being put into use. The four axles grain tipper trailer must meet standards and regulations regarding its weight capacity, braking system, and overall design.

4 Axle grain tipper trailer images

58cbm 4 axle grain tipper trailer for sale

58cbm 4 axle grain dumper trailer for sale

4 axle 58cbm grain tipper trailer for sale

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Video of 4 axle grain tipper trailer

4 Axle grain tipper trailer specification

Type 43Tons/58M3 Grain Rear Tipper Trailer
Dimension 11805*2830*4060mm
Tare weight(kg) 10.300(+/- 5%)
Payload (kg) 43,000kg(grain,average gravity 0.75)
Main beam(mm) Submerged arc welding, T700 high strength steel
Flange and web(mm) 10/6/12 ,T700 (equivalent to DOMEX600)
Inside dimension 11630*2800*2200mm
Capacity 58m³/43Tons
Floor T700 (equivalent to DOMEX600),6mm thickness
Kingpin JOST 2’’ or 3.5”
Suspension Mechanical / Air Suspension
Axle 4 Axles, 13 tonne
Tire 16pcs of 315/80R22.5 tires,Triangle brand
Rim 16pcs of 9.0-22.5

The 43-ton/58m³ grain rear tipper trailer measures 11805mm x 2830mm x 4060mm and has a tare weight of 10,300kg (+/- 5%). Its main beam is made of T700 high-strength steel and features submerged arc welding, while the flange and web are 10/6/12mm thick and also made of T700 steel.

The 4 axle grain tipper trailer has an inside dimension of 11630mm x 2800mm x 2200mm and a capacity of 58m³/43Tons. The floor is 6mm thick and made of T700 steel. The trailer is equipped with 4 axles that can carry up to 13 tonnes, 16 tires from Triangle brand, and 16 rims measuring 9.0-22.5. The suspension can be mechanical or air, and the trailer’s kingpin is either 2” or 3.5” JOST.


Easy Unloading: The 4 axle grain tipper trailer has a special mechanism, so unloading grain and fertilizer is easy and quick.

Heavy-Duty: This trailer can carry 43 tons, and it can carry large quantities of agricultural products.

Strong and Durable: The structure is built to last, stable, and safe.

Versatile: The grain tipper trailer can transport different types of agricultural products.

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