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What is bulk cement trailer? Why are bulk cement carrier trailers v-shaped?

Panda Mech • 2020-07-23 16:10:13

What is bulk cement trailer

Bulk cement trailer as known as cement trailer, cement tanker, pneumatic trailer. Generally used to transport cement, flour, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash and other bulk cargoes of some powder materials with a diameter of ≤0.01mm.

Bulk cement trailers are generally widely used in large construction sites, cement plants, and warehouses. The bulk cement trailer generally uses an air compressor to ensure that the powder comes out of the tank.


Why are bulk cement carrier trailers v-shaped?

This is because it is convenient for the powder inside to flow. Here we must know, how does the pneumatic trailer work, bulk cement carrier trailer uses an air compressor to compress the air and then transport it to the tank. When the pressure value in the tank reaches 0.2mpa, Proceed to unload the powder.

The V-shaped cement carrier trailer can unload the powder in the lower position in the middle first, and the powder on both sides of the tank will gradually flow to the middle due to gravity, and then unload out through the pipeline from the middle, so the bulk cement carrier trailer is v-shaped.

 bulk cement carrier trailers v-shaped


How many cement packets can a cement trailer carry?

The capacity of the cement trailer is determined according to the size of the tank. The cement trailer capacity of panda mech is 35 40 45 50 55 60...120 ton, and the weight of a pack of cement is about 50KG. If you count this, the cement trailer can carry 700-2400 packs of cement.