3 Axle 40Ft Dropside Flatbed Trailers Sent to Nigeria

Autumn is the season of harvest, and so does Panda Mechanical.

Yesterday, 20 side wall trailers completed the final inspection in our factory and were sent to the port, ready to be shipped to Nigeria. The pattern is designed by our Nigerian customer, representing the rocketing development of their company. Now they are ready and we Panda hope these can give a helping hand to boom their business in Nigeria.

3 Axle 40' drop side trailers supplier

3 Axle 40′ side wall trailers manufacturer in Nigeria

According to the news, this is the first cooperation between Panda and this Nigerian customer. Mr. Salva highly appreciated our trailers with side walls. Also, our high quality, low price, and full services impressed him. All those factors attract him to choose Panda.

3 Axle 40' side wall trailers supplier in Nigeria

3 Axle 40′ dropside flatbed trailers supplier in Nigeria

After a visit to our factory, Mr. Salva signed the contract in no time. This batch of flatbed side walls has strengthened the outside structure, which means they have a solid whole structure while can reduce the dead weight, then becoming more flexible to control and consuming less fuel.

40ft side wall semi truck trailer for sale

three Axle 40Ft Dropside Flatbed Trailers for Sale in Nigeria

To support the structure, we applied high-tensile Hardox steel. This material can prevent crushes or torsion in the process of transportation. Painted with Japanese two-component polyurethane, they are highly rust-resistant to longer service life.

40 foot side wall semi truck trailer for sale

3 Axle 40Ft Dropside Flatbed Trailers for Sale in Nigeria

The shipment is only the beginning of our cooperation. We are both longing for further communication in the future. Also, Panda Mechanical will always devote itself to designing better semi trailers and providing comprehensive services for every customer.