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Dry Bulk Trailer For Sale

cement, sand, flour, and other granular materials.etc
Deutz Engine
Discharging speed:1.3 tons/minute
Residual rate: ≤ 0.3%
Volumetric ratio:≥ 98%
Supply Ability:
200unit/Sets per Month
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35/38/42/45/48 CBM Dry Bulk Trailer For Sale

Panda Mech dry bulk trailer is suitable for carrying bulk cement, coal ash, lime powder, mineral powder, sand, fly ash and other powder material with the particle diameter no more than 0.1mm. 

PANDA dry bulk tanker is mainly used in cement factories, cement warehouses, and large construction sites. PANDA dry cement trailer will not only reduce the loss rate of cement power material but also improve the loading and unloading efficiency.

Panda Mech cement bulker capacity: 28-120 ton, cement semi trailer volume: 22-100cbm.


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dry bulk trailer

dry bulk trailer


Videos - Dry Bulk Trailer


Specification - Dry Bulk Trailer

Dry bulk trailer brand Panda Mech
Total Volume (m3) 22-100 cbm, 30/35/38/42/45/48 cbm/m3
Dry bulk trailer capacity 28-120 ton, 40/50/60/70/80 ton
Dry bulk trailer weight Optional, 4.5-6 ton
Dry bulk trailer dimensions (9500-11500)*2500*(3300-3600)mm
Tanker Body Material Steel or aluminum
Diesel Engine WEICHAI 4100/4102 Brand
Dry bulk trailer compressor BOHAI, FUDA  10m3/12 m3or other brands
Manhole Cover Carbon steel or Aluminum 500mm(Diameter)
Discharging Valve Diameter is 3 or 4 inch 
Main Beams Welded design, High Strength Steel
Axle  3 axles, 14 ton
Landing Gear JOST
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Pneumatic Braking System WABCO
Tire 12R22.5
Dry bulk trailer parts Pneumatic handrail,Famous brand engine,Axle,Tire,Water-proof wires,Shot blasting,Prime anti-rust painting ,Semi-meter pipe,Valves,Release valve,Inner air bag,Landing gear,Water spray device,Side guard and toolbox, Manhole cover, Cement tanker trailer fenders, dry bulk trailer blower


Dry bulk trailer manufacturers

Panda Mech is a dry bulk trailer manufacturer from China. Panda Mech manufacturer has been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.


Dry bulk trailer for sale

Contact us for a cement bulker price. (price depending on specification, contact us for exact price)


Advantages - Dry bulk cement trailer

  • High strength wear-resistant steel: the tank body is made of high-strength and wear-resistant steel, that can ensure its long service life than ordinary material.
  • All the welding: perfect to make sure the high safety and no air leak: Special welding machine to weld the tank bod from one side but form smooth, sturdy and uniform welds on both sides.
  • Latest flow structure: Increase load capacity, lower gravity center, fast discharging and a small amount of residual materials. residual volume less than 50kg, and the discharge speed up to 1.53cbm/min.
  • Pipeline system: Fitted with reasonable auxiliary blower and anti-wear device to realize smoother unloading process and faster unloading speed.
  • Domestic and foreign famous brand accessories and parts: Such as weichai engine, Bohai air compressor, fuda air compressor, that ensure its durability, save costs on operation and repair costs.
  • Trailer frames: Use high-strength steel materials, light dead-weight, and ensure its resistance to twisting forces, shock and bump, meet load requirements on different kinds of roads.



WF4891: We need cement trailer rental for one year. Do you have?

UJ1852: Dry bulk trailer unloading: How to unload a dry bulk trailer/pneumatic trailer

What Is Dry Bulk Trailer/Pneumatic Bulk Tanker?

The Dry Bulk Trailer is manufactured in the form of a large body tank. Therefore, these Bulk Trailers are manufactured in a way that they have a single compartment that serves for loading into and unloading. Manufacturers' most common material choice for dry bulks' is aluminum or steel.

Pneumatic Bulk Tanker is a large body tank trailer that empties via a pump and forced air. It is primarily used to transport building materials, food products, and chemical products.


What Are Dry Bulk Tanks?

The Dry Bulk Tanks (aka “pneumatic trailer”) is basically a metal cylinder with a series of cone-shaped hoppers at the bottom and a series of openings (or “manholes”) at the top and back of the tank. At the bottom of each hopper is a valve, opening into a pipe that runs below the trailer.


How Does A Cement Tanker Work?

The compressed air will go into cement tanker from an air compressor. Then gas gets through the fluidized bed to make the powder into a fluid-like state. The tanker of the cement trailer comprises a tanker body, a fluidized bed, upper entrance, air pipings and discharging kits among other components.


Pneumatic Trailer For Lease

Regarding pneumatic tanker for leas, we would like to offer you the suggestion as follows:

 1. It is not recommended to rent the pneumatic trailer that more than 5 years.

 2. Please negotiate the best price in advance and sign the contract before leasing.

 3. You can save photos of the Pneumatic Trailer renting in advance, to avoid bring inconvenience for you.


New And Used Dry Bulk Trailer

Used dry bulk trailer is cheaper than a new bulk trailer, but it is easier broken than the new trailer and the repair fees are enough to offer the new one for you.

New dry bulk trailer not only gives you a comfortable experience but also enjoy the good sales services.

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