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Dry Bulk Trailer For Sale

Silo bulk cement carrier trailer transport:
cement, sand, flour, and other granular materials.etc
Semi trailer silo bulk cement carrier deutz Engine
Discharging speed:1.3 tons/minute
Bulk cement carrier semi trailer residual rate: ≤ 0.3%
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What is a dry bulk trailer?

Panda Mech dry bulk trailer is suitable for carrying bulk cement, coal ash, lime powder, mineral powder, sand, fly ash and other powder material with a particle diameter of no more than 0.1mm. 

Dry bulk trailer is mainly used in cement factories, cement warehouses, and large construction sites. Bulk trailer carriers will not only reduce the loss rate of cement power material but also improve the loading and unloading efficiency.

Panda Mech cement bulker capacity: 28-120 ton, bulk feed trailer volume: 22-100cbm.


Dry bulk tank

The dry bulk tank has several hoppers at the bottom tank. There are openings ("or manholes") on the top and back of the tank. There is a valve at the bottom of each hopper. This valve passes through the dry bulk trailer below. In the extended pipeline, these valves are closed when the powder material is transported to the bulk trailer. When we need to unload the goods, the driver will open them, let them flow out of the hopper into the pipeline.


Dry bulk tanker trailer images

pneumatic powder dry bulk trailer price

dry bulk trailer for sale price
dry bulk trailer diagram


Bulk feed trailer video


Dry bulk trailer specification

This is the specification of the dry bulk blower trailer. We supply 28-120 ton cement bulk trailers for sale.

 Brand  Panda Mech pneumatic dry bulk carrier trailer
 Length  9.5-12.5 meter
 Dry bulk trailer capacity  28-120 ton
 Dry bulk trailer weight  Optional, 4.5-6 ton
 Dry bulk trailer dimensions  (9500-11500)*2500*(3300-3600)mm
 Tanker Body Material  Steel or aluminum
 Diesel Engine  WEICHAI 4100/4102 Brand
 Compressor  BOHAI, FUDA  10m3/12 m3or other brands
 Manhole Cover  Carbon steel or Aluminum 500mm(Diameter)
 Discharging Valve  Diameter is 3 or 4 inch 
 Main Beams  Welded design, High Strength Steel
 Axle  1 to 4 sets, 13,16,20 ton axles, BPW or SAF
 Landing Gear  JOST 28T
 Suspension  Mechanical suspension or Air suspension
 Braking System  T100/100 chamber, WABCO emergency valve
 Bulk trailer tire  12R22.5, 385/65R22.5, 13R22.5, 12.00R24, 315/80R22.5
 Dry bulk trailer parts  pneumatic handrail, famous brand engine, axle, silo pneumatic bulk trailer light, tire, shot blasting, prime anti-rust painting, bulk trailer wire, valves, release valve, Inner air bag, landing gear, water spray device, side guard and toolbox, manhole cover, fenders, dry bulk trailer blower, bulk trailer tubs
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Dry bulk truck trailer parts

Air compressor:

By burning diesel oil, the air is compressed and then pumped into the tank through a pipe.

Exhaust volume: 6-16m3/min

Working speed: 900/950/1000 r/min

More about air compressor


The gas is effectively guided to complete soot blowing and unloading of powder materials

Check valve:

One, when compressing the air into the cement tank, prevent the air from flowing back through the pipe.

Safety valve:

When using an air compressor, because the air needs to be pumped into the tank, the pressure in the cement tank is likely to be too high. When the pressure is too high, the safety valve will automatically exhaust.

Discharge valve:

Through the connection of the hose and the discharge valve, the powder and granular materials are unloaded to the simple warehouse and other places.

Blow assist valve:

During unloading, sometimes, it may happen that the powdery material cannot be unloaded in the pipeline. At this time, a blow assist valve is required to complete the unloading.

External air source:

Because some dry bulk semi trailers do not have an air compressor, we can use an external air source when unloading to complete the unloading.

Pressure gauge:

Through the pressure gauge, we can see the pressure inside the tank to better complete the unloading.


2-5 axle, choose according to national laws and regulations and your own needs.

Leaf spring:

Leaf springs are commonly used in wheeled vehicle suspensions and are called semi-elliptical springs.

Lifting ears:

The lifting lugs support the leaf spring


In use, many things need to be stored and can be put in the toolbox.


Located around the bulk cement tanker, it serves as a warning indicator.


Why we had to choose panda dry bulk carrier

1. Best Raw steel: Tank body and construction made of YP ≥ 620 high-strength steel, ensure longer service life and lighter tare weight.

2. Excellent Performance:Unique design ensures unloading rate > 1.3t/min, 15m vertical discharge distance.

3. Quality welding:  Good steel with quality welding support longer guarantee for bulk trailer trucks.

4. Durable Painting: the Whole vehicle Shot blasting clean base for painting, twice primer support longer painting life.

5. Bulk truck trailer design: 3D drawing with Ansys & Hypermesh Analyze support reasonable design.


Sea transportation of powder tanker trailer

In order to prevent the paint of the powder tanker truck trailer from being corroded by seawater, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the powder tanker triailer before transportation.

We will wrap all diesel engines of cement tanker trailer with rain cloth.


Why you can choose Panda?

Panda offers 100+ dry bulk trailer products. About 95% of these are general industrial equipment.

A wide variety of cement bulker options are available to you, such as paid samples.

Dry bulk trailer supplier has exported to more than 60 countries,

Dry bulk trailers are most popular in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. You can pass the ISO9001 certificate to ensure the quality of the dry bulk tanker.


Understanding Panda

Panda Mechanical Co., Ltd approved by the ministry of industry and information technology of China to produce kinds of a semitrailer and commercial vehicles.

Panda has first-class manufacturing machines and kinds of testing equipment, introduce international advanced technology and research with famous truck manufacture to improve design strength. Each vehicle produced by skillful and experienced workers, pass 120 item QC inspections, supply perfect products to the world. More...

What is a dry bulk tanker?

The dry bulk trailer as known as bulk trailers, pneumatic bulk trailers. By using bulk trailer loads, we have improved the transportation efficiency to a greater extent and saved labor costs to a large extent. Improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise and increase profit.  (detail: what is dry bulk tanker?)


How to unload a dry bulk trailer?

Use an air compressor to increase the air pressure in the tank to 0.2mpa, then open the discharge valve, and unload the powder to the designated position through the bulk trailer discharge pipeline. (More about how to unload a dry bulk trailer?)


What can be hauled in a pneumatic trailer?

The pneumatic trailer can be hauled some powder materials with a diameter of less than 0.1mm, such as cement, flour, coal ash, etc.


How does dry bulk trailer work

Dry bulk trailer operation: the compressed air will go into a cement tanker from an air compressor. Then gas gets through the fluidized bed to make the powder into a fluid-like state. The tanker of the pneumatic tank trailer comprises a tanker body, a fluidized bed, upper entrance, air pipings and discharging kits among other components.


Hoses, vacuums and blowers

For plastic transport tanks, the vacuum device on the back passes through the bottom tube and then sucks the powdered material into the silo along with the hose.

Generally speaking, dry bulk carriers use hoses with a diameter of 4 inches to blow materials into and out of the cement bulk tank trailer. When we are loading or unloading powdered materials into silos, these hoses may require adapters to connect them to other equipment.


Why use the dry bulk trailer to transport dry bulk?

Effective and Reliable Delivery Speed

The transportation of high amounts of cement can be done at reliable speeds. The trailer offers an effective means of transportation taking up huge volumes of cement at ago.

This saves a lot on transportation costs. Everything is designed to ensure efficient transportation and delivery of large volumes of cement efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

Simple and Convenient

It can transport a lot of cement at once. Most importantly, it ensures that the quality of the cement in transit is safe from any dampening.

No much of packaging and unpacking is needed with the use of a cement tanker trailer. The process of loading and unloading cement from the tanker is simplified through the fluidization process.


Principle of fluidization

  • The powder will acquire some liquid properties when exposed to gas at a certain level.
  • In the fluidization process, the process is comparable to the liquefaction process, in which the granular material changes from its initial static solid state to dynamic fluid-like conditions.
  • This usually happens when gas passes through granular materials.
  • The gas is introduced through the bottom for transporting solid particles, so that it moves upward through the bed into the empty space between the particles.
  • At low gas velocities, the aerodynamic resistance on the particles is also very low, which allows the bed to remain fixed.
  • During the high-speed process, the aerodynamic drag opposes gravity and offsets so that the bed expands in volume, and the particles begin to pull apart from each other.
  • As the speed continues to increase, the critical value will be reached when the upward resistance is the same as the downward gravity.
  • Here, the particles will now be in a suspended position within the fluid. At this point, the bed is said to be fluidized.
  • When the fluid velocity increases further, the bulk density of a given trailer bed begins to exhibit fluid behavior.
  • As time increases and fluid velocity increases, the bulk density of the trailer bed will continue to decrease, resulting in more intense fluidization.
  • As this situation continues, the particles will no longer form a bed, but will be carried away as the airflow rises. After the bed is completely fluidized, the solid particles will begin to flow like a fluid.


Dry bulk trailer for lease

Regarding pneumatic tanker for leas, we would like to offer you the suggestion as follows:

 1. It is not recommended to rent the pneumatic trailer that more than 5 years.

 2. Please negotiate the best price in advance and sign the contract before leasing.

 3. You can save photos of the Pneumatic Trailer renting in advance, to avoid bring inconvenience for you.

4. Bulk cement transport semi  trailer, cement transport vehicle.


New and used dry bulk trailer

Used dry bulk trailer is cheaper than a new bulk trailer, but it is easier broken than the new trailer and the repair fees are enough to offer the new one for you.

A new silo pneumatic bulk trailer not only gives you a comfortable experience but also enjoys good sales services.

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