Transportation Policy

There are three commonly used transportation methods, and we will choose the most suitable for you.

Shipping method

Sea transportation is the most widely used mode of transportation in the foreign trade industry in the world. There are generally three methods of transportation: container, bulk carrier, and roll-on-roll. Relatively speaking, the transportation cost of containers is relatively low and the time is relatively short.
When we transport the semi-trailer, we spray the semi-trailer with a layer of wax and cover it with tarpaulin to ensure that the semi-trailer will not be damaged.
When the semi-trailer is transported to your port or destination, please use the bill of lading we provide you to pick up the goods.


Our business manager will recommend suitable transportation methods for you according to the model you purchased and the quantity ordered, and strive for the cheapest shipping cost for you. We need to charge you the freight from our factory to your port of destination, and the cost of customs clearance shall be borne by you.
The customer is responsible for all transportation costs as well as customs fees, taxes and duties payable after entering the destination.
*Semi-trailer foreign trade industry all charge such fees.

Shipment tracking

After the semi-trailer is sent, we can get a logistics order number to you, so that you can check the location of the transport, which is convenient for your tracking. Our sales staff will also send you pictures of the vehicle packaged and shipped, as well as logistics information.

Damaged goods

PANDA Mech delivers your semi-trailer safely and politely at a reasonable price, which may sometimes damage the cargo. Although this is rare, we require customers to notify us within 24 hours of any damage to the packaging or trailer so that we can deal with this issue as quickly as possible.

Transport reminder

During the COVID-19 pandemic, global transportation costs will rise under unstable conditions, and some transportation schedules have been extended. Please confirm the freight and delivery schedule with our sales manager before shipping.