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2-3 Axle 30-38 CBM Pneumatic Trailer

cement, sand, flour, and other granular materials.etc
Deutz Engine
Discharging speed:1.3 tons/minute
Residual rate: ≤ 0.3%
Volumetric ratio:≥ 98%
Supply Ability:
200unit/Sets per Month
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What is a Pneumatic bulk trailer?

The pneumatic bulk trailer is composed of a running system, loading tank, air system, and unloading system. It is suitable for bulk transportation of dry powder materials (diameter ≤ 0.1mm), such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali, etc.

The vertical unloading height reaches 15m, and the horizontal conveying distance reaches 5m. pneumatic dry bulk tank trailers are widely used in cement factories, cement warehouses and large construction sites.

Bulk cement transport trailer capacity 28 to 120 tons.


Common pneumatic trailer types

Pneumatic sand transport tank trailer

pneumatic sand transport truck semi trailer

Pneumatic cement hauling truck trailer
Pneumatic cement hauling truck trailer company


Another type of cement trailer


Pneumatic trailer specification

 Brand  PANDA Mech Pneumatic transport truck trailer
 Pneumatic trailer loads capacity  28 to 120 ton1 20-100cbm/m3
 Pneumatic trailer dimensions  9500-12500*1550*3300-3600mm
 Pneumatic trailer length  9.5-12.5 meter
 Engine  WeiCai Deutz diesel moto
 Compressor  SK 12m3
 Manhole Cover  2 to 4 sets 500mm diameter
 Discharging Valve  4" disc valve
 Tank Material  5mm or 6mm high strength steel
 Structure  Q345 high straight steel, q235
 Landing Gear  JOST 28T
 Suspension  Mechanical suspension or Air suspension
 Brake System  T30/30 chamber, WABCO emergency valve
 Bulk trailer axle  1 to 4 sets, 13,16,20 ton axles, BPW or SAF
 Tire  12R22.5, 385/65R22.5, 13R22.5, 12.00R24, 315/80R22.5
 King Pin JOST 2" or 3.5 detachable type
 Pneumatic trailer parts  diesel blower, Release valve, tongue wheel, diagram, Inner air bag,Landing gear, Water spray device, side guard and toolbox, manhole cover, the pneumatic trailer hose tube, hopper dry truck unloading system
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Unique advantages of Panda pneumatic trailer

Best Raw steel: Tank body and construction made of YP ≥ 620 high-strength steel, ensure longer service life and lighter tare weight.

Excellent Performance:Unique design ensures unloading rate > 1.3t/min, 15m vertical discharge distance.

Quality welding:  Good steel with quality welding support a longer guarantee for bulk pneumatic trailers.

Durable Painting: The whole vehicle Shot blasting clean base for painting, twice primer support longer painting life.

Bulk cement trailers design: 3D drawing with Ansys & Hypermesh Analyze support reasonable design.


Sea transportation of the pneumatic trailer

In order to prevent the paint of the powder tanker truck trailer from being corroded by seawater, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the powder tanker trailer before transportation.

We will wrap all diesel engines of cement tanker trailer with rain cloth.

Sea transportation of pneumatic trailer


Why you can choose Panda?

Pandamech offers 100+ pneumatic trailer products. About 95% of these are general industrial equipment.

A wide variety of cement bulker options are available to you, such as paid samples.

Pneumatic tanker trailer supplier has exported to more than 60 countries,

Pneumatic trailers are most popular in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. You can pass the ISO9001 certificate to ensure the quality of the pneumatic trailer.


Understanding Panda

Panda Mechanical Co., Ltd approved by the ministry of industry and information technology of China to produce kinds of a semitrailer and commercial vehicles.

PANDA MECH has first-class manufacturing machines and kinds of testing equipment, introduce international advanced technology, and research with famous truck manufacture to improve design strength. Each vehicle produced by skillful and experienced workers, pass 120 item QC inspections, supply perfect products to the world. More...

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How much is the pneumatic trailer?

The pneumatic lorry trailer price: $125,00-390,00.

We are pneumatic trucking companies from China. Contact us for a pneumatic trailer price. (price depending on specification, contact us for exact price). Silo trailer

If you need dry bulk double trailers, contact us for information. We supply bulk pneumatic trailer doubles for sale & pneumatic cement trailers for sale. We also have used pneumatic trailers for sale.


How does a pneumatic trailer work and operation?

Pneumatic systems use a combination of pressure and air to move materials through a line or pipe, from one area to another. pneumatic trailer

When pneumatic tank trailers unloading, located at the system's end, the air pneumatic trailer blower pulls air through the system, and the system runs under vacuum, pulling the materials in reverse. It is the important pneumatic bulk trailer parts loading or unloading a dry bulk trailer.

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New and used pneumatic bulk trailers

Used dry bulk cement tanker maybe have a lower price, but it has not a secure process system and easier to broken, even will give us extra repair fees. However, New bulk cement tanker or new pneumatic tanker not only can bring us a fast and efficient loading and unloading process excellent experience but also will enjoy the better after service.

Pneumatic trailer w type is used for carrying Powder Cement, Calcite, Silica, lime sand, and other bulk materials. We offer this trailer with electrical and we have flexibility on the technical specification of Cement Bulker Trailer W Type. PANDA Trailer can offer a competitive price and highest quality Cement Bulker Trailer W Type.

If you are interested in our trailer, please contact us or leave a message online! Please fill in your contact information and needs.

We will meet your needs with perfect service, providing you with more details, prices, catalogs, drawings, videos!

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What is a dry bulk trailer?

The dry bulk trailer as know as bulker transporters & Silo trailer & pneumatic bulk trailer & Bulk powder tanker & fly ash bulker & dry bulk trailer.

Dry bulk trailer is composed of chassis, bulk cement truck tank, pneumatic transport system, automatic unloading system and other parts. Cement bulk truck is mainly used in cement factories, cement warehouses,concrete ready mix plants, and large construction sites.

With this bulk cement, tanker,it will not only reduce the loss rate of cement power material but also improve the loading and unloading efficiency.

It is the best method to transport cement as bulkers without airtight, so it prevents the cement to get exposed to the environment.

cement bulker for sale  dry bulk trailer for sale 


Pneumatic trailers for lease

Regarding the pneumatic trailer for lease, we suggest you sign the contract, negotiate the price, and do an inspection.

What is a pneumatic truck?

The pneumatic tanker is a large-scale powder-grain material transport vehicle. The main cargo is loaded with materials such as fly ash, cement, flour, lime powder and other powder-grain materials with a diameter of ≤0.1mm. It is generally used for long-distance bulk cargo transportation. It is used more in mixing plants and construction sites.

Panda Mech can be customized according to your needs. Generally, the pneumatic trailer of 25/30/35/40/45/50 ton is commonly used.


What is a dry bulk tanker?

The dry bulk tank is the body part of the pneumatic tanker. Generally, there is a manhole cover on the top of the tank to load goods, and one or more conical hoppers at the bottom of the tank to unload goods.


How much do pneumatic truck drivers make?

$45k-$77, Pneumatic Tanker Driver Jobs. Of course, this is uncertain. We need to communicate with the company's personnel and the boss. Maybe you can get a higher salary.


How does a pneumatic dry bulk trailer work?

After the powder tanker is loaded with the goods, it will be transported over long distances and finally arrive at the designated location, where it is unloaded by the principle of fluidization. (For details, please see: How does a pneumatic dry bulk trailer work.)

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