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3 Axle Flabted Semi Trailer Shipping to East Africa

One of our clients placed an order for 21 flatbed trailers in 2018, which was the second time he purchased semi-trailers from our company this year.

3 axle flabted semi trailer shipping 1to east africa

The client wants this time is 40ft flatbed trailers used to transport canister containers this time. Because these containers are special for transport, the customer has high requirements for product quality. Through continuous communication with customers on details, we also give clients some reasonable suggestions and select the most suitable products for clients.

Flatbed trailers production lasted 35 days. After presentation, the customer came to our factory to inspect the trailers. The client is delighted with the work of our trailer. Consider us a very professional supplier.

3 axle flabted semi trailer shipping to east africa2

After the client inspected the trailers and affirmed the quality of our trailers, we booked the ship to transport the trailers to the client¡¯s country.

After the client received the flatbed trailers, he shared the pictures of our trailers in their yard and was very satisfied with the trailers we provided.

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