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28cbm tipper trailer 8

40 Ton Semi Tipper Trailer Transport To Argentine

This marks the first time yet another Argentine customer has purchased the semi tipper trailer from Panda. The Semi tipper trailer will be shipped to Argentina in two weeks. The 40 ton semi tipper trailer’s attractive design has caught the attention of customers in Argentina. They became interested in the Panda semi and contacted us.

60 ton lowbed trailer 7

60T Low Bed Trailer Transport To Kenya

First time buyer of Panda Mech low bed truck trailer from Kenya customer. Since it was the first time to buy Panda Mech for semi-trailer products, the customer initially had doubts about our products. However, trust is built by both parties. Our sales provided the customer with many product photos and our production plant, so

cement tanker

3 Axle 55 Tons Cement Bulk Tanker Shipped to Philippines

2022 is drawing to a close, Panda Mech has been busy signing the contacts and manufacturing semi trailers. Last weekend, the latest batch of cement bulker trailers is heading to the Philippines to make contributions to our friends’ businesses. According to the information, this batch of cement bulker is ordered from a new friend from

fuel tank trailer

15 Diesel Tanker Trailer of 45kl Sent to Gambia

We require a higher effective load while less dead weight seems strict and unreasonable. But with Hardox steel, Panda can both reduce the weight of the tanker trailer and increase load capacity. The customer from the Gambia was looking for a manufacturer in China who can produce semi trailers with such materials at a cheaper

side wall

3 Axle 40Ft Dropside Flatbed Trailers Sent to Nigeria

Autumn is the season of harvest, and so does Panda Mechanical. Yesterday, 20 side wall trailers completed the final inspection in our factory and were sent to the port, ready to be shipped to Nigeria. The pattern is designed by our Nigerian customer, representing the rocketing development of their company. Now they are ready and

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank Trailers

45KL Oil Tanker Trailers at Port Ready to Philippines

Recently, there are 36 oil tankers standing in line at the port. They are ready to go to the Philippines to help push our client’s business forward with the best quality. According to the information, the owner of this order is our old friend from the Philippines, who has been engaged in the oil process

panda mech diesel tanker

50 Diesel Tankers Ordered By Côte d’Ivoire Customer

Long before 2010, Mr. David from Côte d’Ivoire threw himself into local transportation industry. Walking through the bottleneck period and getting back to the boom, he never lost the passion to it. To be a good transporter must first know semi trailers well. When asked about why he chose Panda Mech, Mr. David had a lot to say. “I ordered


Best Quality 3 Axle 45kl Fuel Tank Trailers Shipped to Sudan

Sudan is famous for its abundant oil resources, which brings along the developed fuel transportation. This customer from Sudan wanted to start his new business right now. Long before he heard that China has cheap fuel tanker trailers of high quality, so he found us and intended to order 50 fuel tankers. Soon our sales

Best Price 85 Ton Cement Bulker Trailers Shipped to Oman

Best Price 85 Ton Cement Bulker Trailers Shipped to Oman

Today 36 cement bulker have been packed up and ready to go to Oman, a country that had developed cement manufacturing. Our Oman friend heard about our brand from his friend and soon ordered 36 cement tankers of 85 tons, 3 axles. This time, the Oman customer requires air suspensions for all the cement bulkers,

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