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How many liters does fuel tank truck trailer hold?

What is tank truck and tank trailer

Fuel tank truck trailers, divided into tank trucks and tank trailers, refer to a trailer designed to carry liquid or gas on the road. They can transport the same liquid and fuel. Fuel tank trucks are mainly used for short distances Transportation, and each time the liquid is relatively small, the maximum is not more than 30,000 liters. Fuel tank trailers are mainly used for long-distance transportation. Generally, there will be more liquids loaded, generally between 30-60KL, the transportation unit Use gallons or liters to calculate.

tank trailer

fuel tank trailer


How many liters and gallons does a tank truck hold?

The largest tank truck can achieve 30,000 liters, 8×4, and about 7925 gallons, while the smallest tank truck may only have a capacity of a few hundred gallons.

The tank truck often used for in-town transport may haul 30,000 liters fuel (about 7925 gallons diesel) or less.


How many liters and gallons does a tank trailer hold?

A fuel tanker can hold 30,000-60,000 liters, 7925-15850 gallons.

The semi-trailer is the tank trailer configuration with maximum load capacity and a maximum load capacity of 15,850 gallons (60,000 liters).

The largest oil tank trailer, usually reserved for long hauls, that transport materials long distances can hold 60,000 liters fuel (almost 15,850 gallons fuel).


Can tank trailer transport different liquids at the same time?

Tank trailers can be used to transport many different liquids at the same time, because regardless of the total capacity of the tank trailer, each tank trailer has compartments, and different compartments can be loaded with different liquids, so as to transport different types and components at the same time. For liquids, it should be noted that these compartments often have different capacities, which saves costs and improves efficiency.

tank trailer transport different liquids


Safety measures

Tank trailer can be insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or unpressurized, can transport one liquid at the same time, and can also transport multiple liquids at the same time (internal separation through the middle); due to the high center of gravity, and the tank The liquid is always swaying during transportation, so it is easier to roll over, and during transportation, static electricity will be generated, and static electricity may cause the explosion of the tanker, so for the safety of fuel tanker transportation, it is generally on the bottom of the vehicle Connect an iron chain to transmit static electricity to the ground.



Generally speaking, if it is a long distance, we will use a fuel tanker, if it is a short distance, we will use a fuel tanker truck, they transport the same liquid, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, water, cooking oil, Petroleum, crude oil, lubricating oil, etc., when transporting different types of liquids, the requirements for tanker trailers and tanker trucks are different in terms of materials and other configurations.



In terms of material classification, Tank truck and tank trailer materials include aluminum alloy, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most commonly used material. It is generally used to transport liquid substances such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, heavy oil, coal tar, and non-petroleum products such as alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, and ether. The transportation of aluminum alloy tank trailer and aluminum alloy tank truck is the same as carbon steel, and it can also be used to transport some other materials, such as water, edible oil, palm oil, stainless steel tank truck and stainless steel tank trailer, which can generally be used for food Oil, water, palm oil, cooking oil and other liquids that can be used for food.

From other ways to classify, tank truck trailer can be divided into fuel tank trailer with dispenser, insulation tank trailer, heating insulation tank trailer, chamical tank trailer, A-double tank trailer, spray truck, 6×4 tank truck, 8×4 tank truck, 4×2 tank truck, bitumen tanker.



Many people consider weight as a very important factor when buying a tank truck trailer, because aluminum alloy is the lightest, and its carrying capacity is similar to that of carbon steel tank truck trailers, especially in some countries with limited weight. To improve transportation efficiency, many people choose aluminum alloy tank truck trailers. The second choice for many people is stainless steel tank truck trailers. This is because stainless steel is relatively lighter than carbon steel.




Fuel tanks are round, oval, and square.

Oil and gas recovery system

The tank truck has an oil and gas recovery system. The main function of the tank truck is to realize complete closed gas recovery during the loading and unloading process of the tank truck and limit the emission of oil and gas into the atmosphere. When the tanker truck is being unloaded, the oil and gas from Li Mina in the gas station can be returned to the tanker through the gas return line, and then the oil and gas can be brought back to the tanker for processing through the tanker. The purpose of oil and gas recovery.

Breathing valve

The purpose of the breathing valve is to prevent oil leakage. When the breathing valve is tilted to 70o, the sealing ball inside the breathing valve will form an effective seal.

Oil gauge

The oil dipstick is mainly installed at the prepared opening of the manhole cover, where you can pretend the dipstick or level gauge.

Subsea valve

The submarine valve is also called the emergency shut-off valve, mainly for safety. It is generally installed at the bottom of the tank. It can replace the traditional top-loading refueling for bottom-loading refueling, making it more convenient and environmentally friendly and safe for the staff to operate. When an accident occurs in the tanker, the submarine valve will be disconnected, and the under-vehicle pipeline will be cut off from the tank body without affecting the tank’s sealing. This can effectively prevent the oil in the tank from being discharged and ensure the tank Security.

Safety valve

The safety valve is mainly designed for tank products such as oil tanks and chemical tanks. Different opening pressures are set according to user needs to meet different needs. The main body is made of integral stainless steel precision casting, corrosion resistance, high sealing, suitable for various environments.

Anti-overflow sensor

The anti-overflow electronic sensor is widely used in various types of container tanks when the liquid is sealed and filled, when the liquid is about to be full, a safety device that will give an alarm in advance. Its installation position is on the top manhole cover of the container. When the oil level reaches the warning limit, the sensor will automatically alarm and switch off.


What are the commonly used tank trailers?

The most commonly used tank trailers are 30KL, 40KL, 45KL.

45,000 liters fuel tank trailer

Transport medium: Petrol, Gasoline, crude oil, lubricants, coal tar, etc.

Tank shape: oval tank, round tank, square round tank.

Features: Single Tire.

Supply Ability: 2000unit/Sets per Month.

45,000 liters fuel tank trailer

40KL oil tank trailer

The 40 KL oil tank trailer is mainly used to transport gasoline, diesel, petroleum, gasoline, oil, etc. It is mainly used for long-distance transportation. The tank trailer can load 30-60Kl liters.

40KL tank trailer

30 KL fuel tank trailer

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30 KL fuel tank trailer

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