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Best Guide of End Dump Trailer in 2023

End dump trailers are commonly used in the construction industry to transport materials such as sand, stone, gravel, and debris.

Per end dump trailer has a hydraulic lift system to raise one end of the semi tipper trailer and dump the cargo out the back. These trailers are commonly used in construction, agriculture, and other industries.

The end dump trailer capacity is 50 – 150 tons, we can customize it according to your needs.

Best Guide of End Dump Trailer
4axle 60t tipper trailer

How many yards in an end dump trailer?

End dump trailers have different capacities of cargo but typically range from 32-130 cubic yards.

How much does an end dump trailer hold?

The capacity of an end dump trailer can hold depends on its dimensions and body thickness. A typical end dump trailer can hold anywhere from 50 to 150 tons of cargo.

How many tons can a large end dump trailer carry?

Panda Mech’s large end dump trailer can carry up to 150 tons of food, it depends on its dimension, design, material, axle, tire, etc. The most important of those is design.

How many tons can a large end dump trailer carry?

How to use an end dump trailer?

1. Check the end dump trailer

Before we use the end dump trailer, we should check the tires, brakes, lights, hydraulic pistons, and tractors to make sure they can work properly.

2. Load the trailer

Once you make sure the trailer is in good condition, you can start loading it. Make sure the loaded goods are evenly distributed to avoid one side being too heavy and overturning.

3. Refuse to overload

Avoid being overweight, which can easily lead to accidents during transportation and may also bring a great impact on the road.

How to use an end dump trailer?

4. Drive the trailer

End dump trailers are different from ordinary dump trucks. We must pay attention to safety when turning or reversing, as the body is longer, and it is very easy to overturn. We should also keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

5. Unloading

Park the end dump trailer on a flat surface, and make sure the ground is flat and hard, otherwise, it will be easy to roll over. Open the rear door and use the control system to raise the hydraulic cylinder until the cargo is unloaded.

6. Clean the trailer

After the cargo is unloaded, if it will not continue to work for a short period of time. e need to clean the end dump trailer to prevent damage to its parts or clothing. The easiest way is to use water for cleaning.

7. Storing the trailer

Finally, store the end dump trailer in a safe and secure place to prevent theft and damage. Make sure the trailer is parked on a level surface with the hydraulic piston in the retracted position.

In conclusion, end-dump trailers are important equipment for transporting mineral resources, and proper use of the trailer is critical to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of materials.

How long is an end dump trailer?

End dump trailers come in different lengths, typical length is around 7500-14000mm, 8.2-15.3 yards, and 7.5-14m. 24-46ft.

How long is an end dump trailer

How to dump an end dump trailer?

To dump an end dump trailer, the trailer is positioned over the desired dumping area, and the hydraulic lift system is activated to raise the front of the trailer and empty the contents out the back.

How to operate an end dump trailer?

Operating an end dump trailer requires proper training and experience. The operator should have a good understanding of the trailer’s hydraulic system, weight capacity, and safety features.

How much is an end dump trailer?

The cost of an end dump trailer can vary depending on configuration, and manufacturer. A new end dump trailer will cost $15,000 to $40,000.

How much is an end dump trailer?

Where can I find an end dump trailer?

End dump trailers can be purchased from China, Panda Mech is one of the best end dump trailer manufacturers. Their end dump trailers have great value for Money.


Can an end dump trailer tip over?

End dump trailers are designed with stability in mind. They have a low center of gravity to reduce the risk of tipping over. However, overload or bad driving can increase the risk of tipping.

Can wind blow over an end dump trailer?

End dump trailers are designed to withstand windy conditions, but strong gusts can still pose a risk. Drivers should exercise caution and slow down in high winds to prevent accidents.

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