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What is the best dump trailer on the market?

What is the best dump trailer

The best dump trailer meets all the uses we need. Most dump trailers can meet general needs. If there are any special needs, then we can customize with Panda Mech.


What is a dump trailer

Dump trailer introduction:

The structure of the engine, chassis and cab is the same as that of general trucks. The tipping box can be tilted backwards or sideways. Rear dumpers are more common. Push the piston rod to tilt the box. A few two-way tips. The high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and hydraulic hose.

And there is a safety protection plate at the front end of the cabin. The hydraulic tilting system is composed of oil tank, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, controlling valve and hydraulic hoses.

The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power take-off device. By controlling the movement of the piston rod through the controlling system, the tipping box can be stopped at any position. The tipping box uses its own gravity and hydraulic to return back.

28cbm tipper trailer 9

Dump trailer loading:

A dump trailer can load 50-120ton.

The main technical parameter of the tipping trailer is the payload, and showing the loading volume. The new trailer or the overhauled trailer must be put into trial operation, ensuring that the lifting process is stable.

The lubricant oil should be correctly selected according to the regulations and pay attention to the lubrication cycle, and maintain the lifting mechanism strictly on schedule. Overload is strictly prohibited. Tipping trailers can save the unloading time and labor cost.


Dump trailer design:

Panda Mech tipping semi-trailers are outstanding due to their excellent driving and tipping characteristics. The tipping semi-trailer drives safely on the road thanks to a low overall center of gravity and a stiff and torsion-resistant rigid frame structure.

  1. Best driving characteristics through a low center of gravity and innovative running gear
  2. Payload-optimized through low tare weight
  3. High working speeds through high-performance hydraulics
  4. Long service life through low-wear MEILLER tipper bodies
  5. Available in an angular or round tipper body shape

Dump trailer advantage:

1. Robust and payload-optimized.

2. Particularly suitable for short routes and frequent tipping.

3. Designed for abrasive bulk material such as gravel, rocks, concrete rubble and aggregates.

4. Optimized force transmission on the new chassis frame minimizes crack formation.

5. Tailored blanks: reinforced tipper body floor in the rear third, as the abrasive wear is higher here.

6. Optional wear plates for a higher lifetime.

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