Flour Tanker Reach Dominican Republic

In October 2017, I received an inquiry from the Dominican Republic. Dominican is the largest economy in Central America and the Caribbean and the fastest growing country in the region. The climate in the north and east is tropical rainforest, and the climate in southwest is tropical grassland, with an average temperature of 25℃.

60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker
60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker

According to preliminary communication, the customer is the owner of a flour mill in the Dominican Republic. This time he plans to purchase one unit bulk flour tanker to deliver bulk flour to end users like food factories and other factories. This is the first time he has tried to purchase flour tankers from China.

They have purchased several units in the United States before. Although the vehicles are in good condition and there are no quality problems, however, he came here out of the consideration of saving budget and reducing transportation costs as much as possible, and he has heard that Chinese manufacturing is of high quality and competitive price.

60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker
60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker

After receiving the inquiry, we conducted in-depth communication with the customer on his specific needs as soon as possible. Since the medium that the customer wants to transport is flour, we recommend that the entire tank body is made of food-grade material-SS304 stainless steel.

This design compared with the previous ordinary carbon steel material + food-grade coating, it is safer, and customers do not have to worry about the damage of the internal coating in the later period and polluting the cleanliness of the flour.

Secondly, in consideration of increasing the customer’s single transportation load capacity as much as possible and reducing transportation costs, combined with our experience in the Dominican road sector’s weight limit policy and local national road conditions, we recommend that customers increase the load capacity from 20 tons to 30 tons. The number of compartments has been increased from 4 to 6, which means that the load capacity originally required to be transported 3 times can be completed only 2 times in the future, which will greatly reduce the customer’s transportation time and cost.

At the same time, combined with the design plan of the flour tank purchased by the customer from the United States, considering the special requirements of the flour as a medium for cleanliness, we followed the American W-shaped design, because this design will not have any residual material inside the tanker when unloading. Compared with the conventional V-shaped design in China, this is its biggest advantage.

60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker
60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker

In the end, the customer was impressed by our professionalism and extremely competitive price, and signed a transportation contract with Panda. After we received the deposit and reconfirmed the final drawing with the customer, we started production.

Two months later, when the customer saw the photo of our finished product, the customer was very satisfied and paid us the balance. Then we began to arrange bookings for customers and successfully delivered the goods to the port.

Two months later, when the customer actually received the tanker, he took the initiative to share the photos with me, and excitedly told me that “Made in China really deserves its reputation.” Four years have passed.

60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker
60 cbm 30 ton flour tanker

Today, Panda flour tanker have not experienced any after-sales problems caused by quality, and they are still serving customers’ flour mills very well. In the future, Panda will continue to deepen the market in Central and South America and continue to provide customers in Central and South America with more economical and quality made in China.

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