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Delivery of Refrigerated Trailers to Kenya

Event: Delivery of Refrigerated Trailers to Kenya

When customers browsed Google, they saw a professional article we published on the forum, so they found us through Google. He told us that they wanted to purchase a batch of refrigerated trailers. After communication with the customer about the specifications, prices, and accessories of the purchased vehicles, and the customer’s comparisons with several suppliers, Finally the customer decided to purchase from Panda Mech. Because it is the first time for the customer to purchase from Panda Mech, he ordered two sets.

The following are the pictures taken in delivery:

refrigerated trailer

As a professional semi trailer manufacturer, Panda Mech promises that we not only have professional pre-sales and in-sale services, but we also have a complete after-sales service system. We are committed to helping our customer solve their problems and and let users use vehicles without worry.

If you are not sure which supplier to choose, how to choose a semi-trailer, or if you have any questions about semi-trailer, please contact the professional semi-trailer supplier Panda Mech, we are undoubtedly your best choice.
Whether it is from the strength of the factory, the experience in the semi-trailer, professional R&D team or perfect after-sales service, choosing Panda Mech is your best choice.

No matter you encounter any problems with semi-trailers, you can contact us, we will do our best to help you.

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