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3 Axle 35m3 Tipper Trailer For Sale

Rear tipping trailer design: U type and block tipping semi trailer
Rear end tipper capacity: 25-125 ton.
3 Axle tipper trailer dimension: 8000-12000*2500*1500mm(length*width*height)

What is the tipper semi trailer?

The tipper semi trailer is a compartment that can be tilted at a certain angle to allow the cargo in the compartment to be unloaded. The tilt of the car is powered by the Tipper trailer engine and is accomplished by a dumping mechanism.

Tipper semi trailers are often used with excavators and loaders to transport earth, sand and bulk materials.

The tipper semi trailer loads and unloads the goods in a simple and effective way. Moreover, meticulous unloading design guarantees safety. At the same time, the tipper semi trailer has different shapes and types, we can buy it according to our own use, and we can customize it for you according to your needs.


3 Axle tipper trailer images

3 axle tipper trailer

rear tipping trailer

rear end tipper


3 Axle tipper trailer specifications

Item Tipper semi trailer
3 axle tipper trailer capacity 25-125 ton, 23-55m3
Rear tipping trailer dimensions 8000-12000*2500*1500mm(length*width*height)
Use Sand, stone, ore
Rear end tipper axle 3 axle
Tire 12R 22.5, 315/80 R22.5
King Pin JOST 2" or 3.5 detachable type
3 Axle tipper trailer suspension Mechanical suspension or Air suspension
Brake system ABS or EBS (optional)
Material Steel
Landing Gear JOST 28T
Cylinder 175, 191, 202, 214 / 4TG, 5TG
Brake chambers T30/30
Rear tipping trailer parts Electric system, brake system, axle, tire, suspension, latch, kit.


3 Axle tipper trailer manufacturer

Panda Mech is a 3 axle tipper trailer manufacturer from China. We have achieved success in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, such as the Philippines, Nigeria, Tanzania, Indonesia, etc.


Tipper trailer for sale

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